Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: A Showdown Like No Other

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The Art of War: the definitive guide to strategy.
A Showdown Like No Other: Conrad Black
Blasey Ford's ex-boyfriend casts doubt on claims she made under oath: Katelyn Caralle
Public Records Appear to Refute Blasey-Ford's Account: Paul Sperry

Kavanaugh Confirmation Is Now a Battle for Basic Human Decency: Mark Davis
Corey Booker Says It Does Not Matter if Kavanaugh is ‘innocent or guilty’: RSW
GOP aides expect FBI’s Kavanaugh investigation will end days before deadline: Exam

Of Course: Feinstein says one week is ‘too soon’ to have Kavanaugh vote: Chris Pandolfo
Levin: ‘The enemy of the Democrat leadership … is the Constitution’: Carmel Kookogey
Ocasio-Cortez: I ‘Would love to be inaugurated Jan. 3, Jan. 4 signing’ bills: Kyle Olson

Highly Toxic Ricin Found in Sec. Mattis, Adm. Richardson Mail: S. Noble
Kavanaugh says some friends 'loud, obnoxious drunks' in 1983 letter: Katelyn Caralle
Christine Blasey Ford’s 2nd Door Was For A Marriage Counseling Office: John Sexton


How's Socialism Doing in Venezuela?: Debbie D'Souza
Trump’s Reworked NAFTA Sure Looks Nifty, Says …: Ed Morrissey
NAFTA 2.0 Is Just the Next Step of Trump's Trade Wars: John Dale Grover

Scandal Central

FBI’s 37 secret pages of memos about Russia, Clintons and Uranium One: John Solomon
The devastating Keith Ellison report: Scott Johnson
Juanita Broaddrick Demands FBI Investigate Her Allegation That Clinton Raped Her: DC

Trump family’s fraud allegations under scrutiny by New York State: Diana Stancy Correll
Cory Booker Just Moved The Goalposts Out Of The Stadium For Kavanaugh: Brandon Morse
Kavanaugh investigators need to see Christine Blasey Ford's therapy records: Byron York


The Media is the Enemy: @AG_Conservative
New York Times Preparing Hit Piece On Brett Kavanaugh For Party Planning: Mollie Hemingway
New York Times finally admits how Obama screwed up the economy in 2016: Thomas Lifson

Trump flips script on Democrats, suggests Patrick Leahy has drinking problem: Katelyn Caralle
Lindsey Graham: Red-state Democrats are 'toast' in midterms if they reject Kavanaugh: Katelyn Caralle
New Gallup poll reveals surge in voter enthusiasm: Thomas Lifson


5 Reasons Why Iran Is Way More Dangerous Than ISIS: Clarion
Trump Admin Seeks Investigation Into New Claims of Secret Iran Nuclear Sites: Adam Kredo
Italy arrests mayor for allegedly aiding illegal immigration: APNews

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists Uncover Giant Upwellings on the Surface of Mars: Lars Wecks
Surface Headphones launched: Microsoft's secret, noise-canceling cans: Duncan Elder
Big Institutional Investors are Buying Large Amounts of Bitcoin in OTC Market: Joseph Young


You Really Haven’t Come As Far As You Thought: MOTUS
Common Reading for Common Activism: David Randall
Florida man tries to buy a girl from her mother at Walmart: Jessie Karangu

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