Monday, October 29, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: What the Media and the Synagogue Shooter Have in Common

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Breaking Orbit: How to Write, Publish and Launch Your First Bestseller on Amazon Without a Mailing List, Blog or Social Media Following
What the Media and the Synagogue Shooter Have in Common: Daniel Greenfield
Why blaming Trump for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting is absurd: Ryan Saavedra
The Left Goes Full Open Borders: Jarrett Stepman

Normalcy Bias and the Fourth Turning: Christian Mercenary
Maybe It’s Time To Stop Trying To Get Along: Derek Hunter
Hillary 2020? ‘I’d like to be president’ — will decide on run after midterm: Kyle Olson

Kanye West-designed 'Blexit' shirts call for blacks to leave Democratic Party: Daniel Chaitin
Uppity Latinos: Democrat Version: MOTUS
RNC Contacts 15.7 Million Hispanic Voters Ahead of Midterms: Brent Scher

Dem Candidate Ilhan Omar Defending Tweet On ‘The Evil Doings Of Israel’: Frank Camp
Democrat Candidate Founded ‘Socialist,’ ‘Revolutionary’ Bookstore: Jeffrey Cimmino
Good Guy With a Gun: One Year After: BattleSwarm


Exploding Corpses in Socialist Utopia: MB
A Tour Through the Archetypical Asian Factory: Kerry Scharfglass

Scandal Central

Nuland is a key player in #SpyGate and an important actor in the Obama/Clinton scheme: @_ImperatorRex_
Leftist activists promoting voter fraud: LVRJ
Spidey-Senses...: CTH


Media Ignore Over 5,000 Urging Americans to #WalkAway from Democrat Party: GWP
In less than a minute Chris Wallace nails the Washington Post on bias: John Ruberry
Trump’s Tricks: How He Riles the Media While Entertaining Supporters: Debra J. Saunders

Democrats turn on Avenatti after 'white male' slip-up: Melissa Quinn
Why Christine Blasey Ford Has Been Lying Low: MB
Rep. John Ratcliffe Discusses Mail Bomber, Migrant Caravan and Rosenstein: CTH


Brazilian Election: Nationalist Bolsonaro Wins Presidency; Another Rebuke of Establishment: CTH
The Latest: "Far-right" (i.e., conservative #MBGA) Bolsonaro wins Brazil’s presidency: AP
French General Gomart, Head of Military Intelligence, on "the invasion of Europe": Geller

Iran Pushes for Escalation of Violence in Gaza: Yoni Ben Menachem
Doomed Indonesian plane with 189 on board had asked to return to base: Reuters
Khashoggi: Britain knew of kidnap plot and begged Saudi Arabia to stop: Express

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Epigone: Gap Goes Statement On The Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting: Medium
Artificial Intelligence and Life Science: Sara Ryding


Intellectual Froglegs: Pre-election Edition: CTH
Democrat Campaign Ad: MB
4 minutes saved this 80-year-old Holocaust survivor from synagogue shooting: Joe Williams

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Francis W. Porretto said...

How ironic. Your link to Medium -- for " Statement On The Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting" -- returns "This Page is Suspended."