Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Republicans face loss of Congress if Kavanaugh nomination fails

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The Dark Heart: A True Story of Greed, Murder, and an Unlikely Investigator
Republicans face loss of Congress if Kavanaugh nomination fails: Robert Donachie
Prosecutor Who Questioned Ford Shreds Her Case In Five-Page Memo: Ryan Saavedra
Elizabeth Warren: FBI Review Is “An Opening” To Take Down Kavanaugh: WZ

Congratulations – America Divided and in Peril: Ron Boat
Trump: Some Democrats Questioning Kavanaugh Are ‘Not Angels’: David Rutz
Kavanaugh vote could come this weekend: Susan Ferrechio

Cummings: If We Win, Pelosi ‘Will Be Speaker Until She Decides to Leave’: Aryssa Damron
Beto O'Rourke apologizes for 'demeaning comments about women' in review: Exam
Obama Doesn’t List Ellison Among Endorsements in Minnesota Races: David Rutz

The Three Lies of Christine Blasey Ford: J.R. Dunn
"Recovered Memories," McMartin Style, All Over Again: Ace
Citizenship and the Census: James Piereson


NAFTA overhaul paves the way for US, Canada auto-manufacturing rally: Joe Williams
NAFTA Loophole Closed – Canada and Mexico Agree to U.S. Approval Authority: CTH
With NAFTA deal in hand, Trump administration claims vindication on tactics: Sean Higgins

Scandal Central

Rachel Mitchell Memorandum and Analysis of Christine Blasey-Ford Testimony: CTH
Kavanaugh Smear Campaign – Anticipating Mid-Week Shift To Phase #4: CTH
Soros-Backed Progressive Activist Group Takes Credit for Flake Confrontation: Joe Schoffstall


Lindsey Graham Discusses Kavanaugh Nomination: CTH
'Appalled,' 'p*ssed', 'frustrated': Female Trump supporters react to Kavanaugh treatment: Daniel Allott
New York Times to Host Get-out-the-Vote Event With Bernie Sanders: Alex Griswold

CNN Host: I’m Concerned About Kanye West’s ‘Nonsensical Rants' ... Time to ‘Start Worrying’: Andrew Kugle
Snoop Dogg Calls Kanye West an "Uncle Tom" for Supporting America First Agenda: Breitbart
Two agog, at least.: C&S


Chinese destroyer came within 45 yards of US destroyer in South China Sea, says report: AMN
U.S. is Doing More to Fight Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis than the Press Knows: Gatestone
US Calls Iranian Missile Strike Targeting Syrian Militants 'Reckless: VOA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Senior Google Search Engineer Advocates for Censorship of 'Terrorist' Marsha Blackburn: Allum Bokhari
It's Google's World: We Just Live In It: Daniel Greenfield
The future is…here?: Cold Fury


Hillary Stories: GOC
If You Want More TRUMP That’s How You Get More TRUMP: MOTUS
Ice Fiiight!: Sondrakistan

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