Monday, October 08, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: One Ford Narrative Too Many

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The Dark Heart: A True Story of Greed, Murder, and an Unlikely Investigator
One Ford Narrative Too Many: Victor Davis Hanson
Lindsey Graham emerges from SCOTUS fight as Trump's hammer: Daniel Chaitin
GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails, raised $100000 before death: Josh Siegel

Cotton: ‘Crazed, Hysterical Attempt at Left-Wing Mob Rule Has Failed’: Andrew Kugle
Cory Gardner: my wife received gruesome death threat on her personal phone: Scoop
Graham Challenges Schumer: ‘Name One Person...You Think Is Acceptable’: Andrew Kugle

The Liar Christine Ford: Christian Mercenary
Yes, money drove the anti-Kavanaugh mob: John Ruberry
‘US Guns to Mexico’ Report Feels like ‘Deja vu All Over Again’: David Codrea

Tennessee Democrat Brings in Bloomberg for Fundraiser: Stephen Gutowski
D.C. Federal Court: CAIR Must Stand Trial for Consumer Fraud: AFLC
Berkeley’s Safe Space for Jew-Hatred: Daniel Greenfield


Flashback: Hillary Predicted Trump Tax Cuts Would Kill 3.5 Million Jobs: TPI
University Lecturer Under Fire for Saying Muslims Commit Terror Attacks: Robert Spencer
Sunday Talks: Larry Kudlow Discusses USMCA (NAFTA Replacement): CTH

Scandal Central

FBI’s smoking gun: Redactions protected political embarrassment, not ‘national security’: John Solomon
Current DOJ, FBI Corruption Within HPSCI Report Footnote #43: CTH
Dem Staffer Arrested For Doxxing Republican Senators WASN'T An Intern: DailyWire

Climate, Energy & Regulations

#DataGate! First ever audit of global temperature data finds freezing tropical islands, boiling towns: JoNova
Al Gore: ‘We’re Running Out Of Time’ On Global Warming: Michael Bastasch


Concha and Hemingway Discuss 'Media Smears' of 'Guilty Until Innocent' Kavanaugh: FNI
The CNN headline I never thought I’d see: Thomas Lifson
Nancy Pelosi - "The Wrap-Up Smear": Steven Strange

The Coming Red Tide: Brandon J. Weichert
Taylor Swift: Marsha Blackburn's voting record 'appalls and terrifies me': Naomi Lim
Lindsey Graham to Bob Menendez – What Your Party Has Done Is Bulls***: TPI


Pompeo cites progress made with Kim Jong Un on N. Korea trip: APnews
Seventeen years later, US has no exit strategy in Afghanistan: Vivek Katju
7 men lashed in public for assault on Corniche cop: Saudi Gazette

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Calls for Secure Biometric Data Sharing Between Stakeholders to Optimize PaxEx: Paul Sillers
Glock: The World's Most Popular Handgun?: Kyle Mizokami
Spectacular SpaceX Rocket Launch Lights Up the Southern California Night Sky: Tariq Malik


Conor McGregor Exposes Nurmagomedov’s Radical Ties: Ryan Mauro
Word: Feral Irishman
Out like a light: Researchers id brain's 'sleep switch': EurkAlert!

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QOTD: "There is now a concrete storyline backed by irrefutable evidence: The FBI allowed itself to take political opposition research created by one party to defeat another in an election, treated it like actionable intelligence, presented it to the court as substantiated, and then used it to justify spying on an adviser for the campaign of that party's duly chosen nominee for president in the final days of a presidential election.

And when, nine months later, the FBI could not prove the allegation of collusion between Trump and Russia, unverified evidence was leaked to the media to try to sustain public support for a continued investigation.

That means the redaction of Footnote 43 had more to do with political embarrassment than with national security. And that should concern us all." --John Solomon

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