Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: VP Pence: Central American Invasion Horde is: “Financed by Venezuela”

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The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and the Four Months That Changed the World
VP Pence: Central American Invasion Horde is: “Financed by Venezuela”: CTH
Caravan grows to 14,000 people: Report: Times
The Dem Plan To Turn Their Open Border Dream Into America’s Nightmare: GOP

Please Virginia, don't put a wild anti-Israel conspiracy theorist in Congress: Noah Phillips
Claire McCaskill on the ropes per fresh poll from Josh Hawley: David M. Drucker
Poll: Ellison Trails GOP Opponent by 7 Points in Minnesota A.G. Race: David Rutz

Ben Stein: McConnell restaurant hecklers 'exactly how the Nazis started out': Times
These are the victims of Suffolk County’s brutal MS-13 massacres: Isabel Vincent
Trump says MS-13, terrorists are part of caravan: Stephen Dinan

Andrew Gillum, a Flailing Flim-Flam Artist: George Neumayr
Over A Half Million Tried To Cross Southwest Border Illegally In FY2018: Will Racke
Wave goodbye to a blue wave? GOP thinking they could hold the House: Al Weaver


The Opporunity Costs of Socialism: Steven Hayward
WH Report Says Socialist Policies Could Cut GDP in Half: Charles Fain Lehman
Trump tries to talk his way into a giant tax cut: Colin Wilhelm

Scandal Central

Gillum campaign caught lying about him accepting Hamilton tickets from undercover FBI: Lawrence Mower
You can literally smell how desperate the Left is getting: @drawandstrike
Rosenstein Backs Out of Classified Questioning; Goodlatte, Gowdy Cancel Hearing: CTH


Mark Levin exposes the media campaign to smear Trump over migrant invasion: Scoop
The enduring power of a Trump rally: The Allotts
CNN on Migrant Caravan: ‘We’ve Been Playing Spot the Middle Easterner for Days’: Aryssa Damron


Trump Blows The Whistle on Russian Cheating: Rich Lowry
Khashoggimania and Our Islamist Colluding Media: Daniel Greenfield
The Ugly Terror Truth About Jamal Khashoggi: Daniel Greenfield

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Former HS Teacher Admits to 'Celebgate' Hack: Dark Reading
U.S. Verizon Workers Say Mass Layoffs Coming: 'People's Lives Severely Impacted': John Binder
U.S. Can Build Medium-Range Cruise Missiles Within Months After INF Withdrawal: Natalie Johnson


Trump invites young black conservatives to White House: Nikki Schwab
Fun With Leftwing Science: BFH
Not Just “No” – “Hell No”: MOTUS

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