Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Jordan, Collins and Meadows May Expose Ongoing DOJ Criminality

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Jordan, Collins and Meadows May Expose Ongoing DOJ Criminality: CTH
Trump calls for border wall to solve 'crisis of the heart, crisis of the soul': Melissa Quinn
Pelosi, Schumer dismiss Trump's 'manufactured crisis' on border: Susan Ferrechio

Our open border has turned every American city into a border town: Daniel Horowitz
Watch This! Remarkable Statements from Obama’s Former Border Chief: S. Noble
Enabling Criminal Aliens: David Clarke

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Says He's Suspended by FL Gov. Ron DeSantis: CTH
Felons Register to Vote in Florida: William Davis
DHS has equipped 400 police departments with military-grade sound cannons: MassPrivateI

Once again, Trump has outsmarted his media foes: Thomas Lifson
Tom Homan: Democrats are lying to the American people about border wall: Fox
Legalizing Drugs Because Soros Wants It: Denise Simon


Castro Endorses 70 Percent Income Tax Rate Despite Economic Concerns: Haris Alic
Sandy Cortez and Her Crazy Green New Deal: DC
Kamala on AOC: ‘She’s Introducing Bold Ideas That Should Be Discussed’: Nic Rowan

Scandal Central

Things, that make other things, make sense…: CTH
Supreme Court won't intervene in grand jury battle thought to be linked to Mueller: Kelly Cohen
Top Dems silent on Ed Buck after second man found dead: Alana Goodman

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Federal Agencies Cut Over $16 Billion in Regulations in 2018: Jeffrey Cimmino


Tucker Carlson’s Witness: Cindy Simpson
Levin: POTUS can declare a national emergency-with his power under the laws made by Congress: CR
Do Cable News Pundits Read the Washington Post or the New York Times?: Andrew Kugle


Pentagon: Military Logistics System Not Ready for War With China or Russia: Bill Gertz
Democrats block pro-Israel bill to protest shutdown: Susan Ferrechio
Important warning video to Jews REMOVED by Youtube and community guidelines strike given: Vlad Tepes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Time: LeeAundra Temescu
How driverless cars choose who to kill is an ethical dilemma: Ben Dickson
Hydrogen powered drone exceeds one hour of continuous flight: TheEngineer


Rosenstein to leave DOJ in coming weeks, sources say: Fox
More Wyoming And Less Washington, Please: MOTUS
Scott Walker Ending Term With $588.5 Million Budget Surplus: Watchdog

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