Monday, January 21, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Some Best Possible Outcomes of the Shutdown

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Some Best Possible Outcomes of the Shutdown: Ben Boychuk
The GOP Finally Has a Fighting General: David Catron
Democratic Homeland Security Chair: I Would Not Rule Out a Wall: Andrew Kugle

The Tables Turn on Pelosi and the Media: Clarice Feldman
SOTU and Shutdown — Options for January 29: James M. Thunder
How things will go down if Ginsburg leaves the SCOTUS: Steve Grammatic

Sunday Talks: HPSCI Chairman Schiff Discusses ‘Resistance’ Agenda: CTH
Maxine Waters: Trump’s Impeachment Is ‘Inevitable’: Grabien
Judge Jeanine Scorches Democrat Obstructionists: S. Noble

Kamala Harris enters 2020 race for president: Katelyn Caralle
New York Times: Beto Is Irritating the Democratic Party Elders: Stephen Kruiser
Hillary’s Dark Money Group Relies Heavily on Six Donors: Joe Schoffstall


IRS Loophole: Millions Of Illegal Aliens Getting Bigger Tax Refund Than You: Tim Brown
TSA calls in backup officers as absences of unpaid airport screeners rise: CNBC
China Set to Announce Weakest Economic Growth in Almost 30 Years: CTH

Scandal Central

Should the FBI Run the Country?: Victor Davis Hanson
Rep John Ratcliffe Discusses Mueller, Ohr, and Evidence Against Corrupt DOJ Officials: CTH
BuzzFeed Runs Crazy Story Accusing Jews of Conspiring Against George Soros: Daniel Greenfield


Rush to judgment? New details emerge on Native American's 'standoff' with teens: Exam
KY Democrat crushed by Twitter for 'joke' about banning teens from wearing MAGA hats: Daniel Chaitin
Sunday Talks: Vice President Mike Pence vs. FtN Margaret Brennan: CTH

A Better Understanding of Evil: Christian Mercenary
MSNBC, CNN Go From ‘Bombshell’ to ‘Frustrated’ After Mueller Disputes BuzzFeed Report: David Rutz
Mollie Hemingway: Karen Pence Following the Teachings of Roman Catholicism: Grabien


The Mirage of Arab Military Might: Aaron Kliegman
Fears for Zimbabweans as hundreds are beaten and killed in state sanctioned violence: DailyMail
Iran says ready for war with Israel that will 'lead to its destruction': JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Huawei Founder Warns of Job Cuts – Report: Iain Morris
Fuel cell-based system converts atmospheric CO2 into usable electric current: Stuart Nathan
Busy is the new stupid: Jason Fried


Go to Hell, NFL (Same Might Be Happening to Furloughed Feds): Scott McKay
What are some smart things that lazy people do?: Huseyin Gocmez
Monopoly House Rules: Travis McCroskey

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Anonymous said...

Journalism is dead.

Joseph Somsel said...

That article on a "fuel cell" that used carbon dioxide is not as it appears. It is more a battery that used CO2 to consume metallic sodium, a very expensive, energy-intensive, and dangerous material.

Looks like a PC grant collector gimmick.