Wednesday, January 23, 2019

LEVIN: The Speaker of the House is a Fascist

Another day, another attempt by the Democrat Party to delegitimize rational policy debate and tear asunder, with rabid, white-knuckled fervor, our Constitutional Republic.

The latest chapter: Nancy Pelosi has canceled the State of the Union in the House of Representatives, a first in modern American history.

As the brilliant Mark Levin observes, it is Nancy Pelosi who is the radical authoritarian, not Donald J. Trump.
Although Pelosi was elected as one of 435 members of the House, representing only San Francisco, she climbed her way to the top of leadership only to hijack the government appropriations process and shut down part of the government; block the president from delivering the State of the Union address in the House for the first time ever; and, obstruct border security to protect the American citizenry and immigrants alike and uphold national sovereignty.

It is Pelosi, not Trump, who is the authoritarian.
Pelosi's behavior is, as usual for The Democrats, lowering the bar ever further as it pertains to the rule of law.

And for what?

To be clear: Pelosi and her party are now prioritizing rampant drug smuggling, violent crime and human trafficking over the welfare of the American people.

As for the State of the Union, Donald Trump will convene his own speech at a time and place of his choosing. And, thanks to Pelosi, it will be seen by more Americans than any such speech in recent history.

The President will highlight the Democrats' insane priorities. And I predict that it will be glorious.

As Mr. Levin stated earlier tonight, the Speaker of the House is a fascist. She ignores our Constitution. She ignores our traditions. She has denied a duly elected President -- of the entire country, not San Francisco -- the ability to speak before Congress. She is a fascist.

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Trialdog said...

Could be much simpler.
Pelosi could be on the cartels’ payroll.
It is what cartels do. They bribe politicians so they can run drugs and engage in human trafficking. We know Democratic Party allies fund caravans of people traveling across Mexico - people who don’t qualify for legal immigration and we know those people can’t cross the border without paying off the cartels and that they are funneled to locations where our border patrol must respond in force freeing up other portions of the border for smuggling operations. Hence the party already supports cartel operations so why think they’re not bribing Pelosi? Pelosi’s actions only benefit the cartels; not our country.

directorblue said...

@trialdog... that's a DAMN GOOD POINT.

Given Pelosi's estimated net worth of $100 million, it's worth investigating her tax returns, right?

commoncents said...

BREAKING! Only six Democrats voted to pay federal employees affected by shutdown

angrymike said...

I'm seeing a whole lot of speculation on this, where there's smoke there's usually fire !