Thursday, January 31, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Whoa, Nellie: Wife of DOJ Official Ohr Investigated Trump's Kids for Fusion GPS

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The FBI has, for decades, sold an image of itself as efficient, professional, unbiased, and untouchable by corruption. That portrait is a sham.
Whoa, Nellie: Wife of DOJ Official Investigated Trump's Kids for Fusion GPS: Chuck Ross
Why Trump Will Win the Wall Fight: David Catron
Pentagon to Deploy Several Thousand More Troops to the Mexico Border: NTD

Trump will nominate three to liberal 9th Circuit: Melissa Quinn
Trump has opportunity to flip the 9th Circuit, so why isn’t he?: LI
Why is WH working with Feinstein and Harris on Selecting Judges?: Paul Mirengoff

Harris’s Call to Eliminate Private Insurance Is ‘Major Slip-Up’ That ‘Will Haunt Her’: WFB
Schultz on Warren: Country Should Not Be Heading to Socialism: Nic Rowan
Tlaib ‘Lied’ About Residency To Run For Office, Registered To Vote At False Address: BLP

Shock: Virginia's Democrat Governor Appears to Defend Infanticide: Dr. Susan Berry
Northam: Critics Taking My Infanticide Comments Out of Context: Jeffrey Cimmino
Dems Nix Proposal to Stop Raises for Sexual Abusers #MeToo: Brent Scher


POTUS Interview: Ryan Lied on Border Wall Funding Promise to Get Omnibus Signed: CTH
Democrats Rig Rules to Boost Unions Against Janus Decision: Steven Greenhut
Amazingly, Economy Didn’t Care About “Shutdown”: John Hinderaker

Scandal Central

At the Core of Spygate Scandal Is FBI’s Reliance on ‘Intel’ From Political Operatives: Brian Cates
Why isn't James Clapper getting the Roger Stone treatment?: Charles Kolb
Obama’s FBI and Comey Ignored Evidence That China Hacked Clinton Emails: Jeff Dunetz

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Record Cold Forces Rethink on Global Warming: Tom Harris, Dr. Tim Ball
Extreme Cold Breaks Daily Temperature Records Across Midwest: Breitbart
Hell has frozen over – no, really!: Anthony Watts


Levin: ‘McConnell is as power-hungry as Nancy Pelosi’: Carmel Kookogey
Democrats, Media Panic Over Potential Howard Schultz Presidential Run: David Rutz
The Mayors of the Worst Cities in America are Running for PresidentDaniel Greenfield:

Amazon Boss Trying to Blame Affair on Trump: Daniel Greenfield
Willie Brown’s ‘Poontronage’ Didn’t Start with Kamala Harris: Lloyd Billingsley
John Kerry Says US May Not ‘Survive’ if Trump Re-Elected: Hannity


Iran admits it lied to Obama's Iran deal interlocutors: Hassan Mahmoudi
Trump Criticizes Intelligence Chiefs on Iran Threat: ‘They are wrong!’: Petr Svab
Finland's Grooming Gangs: David Brown

A time for humility among the Davos elite: Michael Barone
Turkey’s Expansionist Policy Exposed: Dr. Jacques Neriah
State Department Failed to Mobilize Against Irish Effort to Boycott Israel: Adam Kredo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New! Deepest Image of the Universe Ever Taken: DailyGalaxy
CIA And Skunk Works Secretly Planned To Turn A-12 Spy Plane Into Space Launch Vehicle: Drive
Facebook pulls Research app after backlash over use of teen data: Amy Gesenhues


Winning: MOTUS
Rand Paul awarded more than $580K after neighbor’s attack: Bruce Schreiner
Comey exit forms: incriminating leaks, hidden foreign assets, and a 'Clinton emails' binder?: BLP

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