Thursday, January 24, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Pelosi and the Caucus of Crazy

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Pelosi and the Caucus of Crazy: David Catron
The Citizen In A Democratic Empire: The Z Man
Trump: I will give State of the Union when the shutdown is over: Allison Elyse Gualtieri

Radical Dem Omar Continues Melting Down With Bizarre Twitter Rant: David Rutz
Omar Defends Hate Group in Now-Deleted Tweet Smearing Covington Teens: David Rutz
Covington Catholic lawyer adds Rep. Ilhan Omar to ‘libel,’ ‘get sued’ list: Griffin Connolly

Why FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka Is the DOJ’s Invisible Man: Brian Cates
Here We Go: Impeachment Chairman Nadler Sends Demand Letter to AAG Whitaker: CTH
U.S. Declares Venezuela Opposition the Legitimate Govt: Frances Martel


Sweet: L.A. wants to charge drivers by the mile: Laura J. Nelson

Scandal Central

Senator Lindsey Graham to Investigate Obama and Hillary Scandals: Matt Margolis
They were acquitted, but feds want to keep their property anyway: Kevin Krause
Gillibrand: Packing Supreme Court Is ‘Interesting Idea’: David Rutz

Leftist Jew Hatred Has Come to America: Karin McQuillan
Inside the Black Hebrew Israelites' World of Hate: Joseph Klein
Sheila Jackson Lee Resigns From Key Posts After Handling of Rape Case Scrutinized: Alex Griswold


Mark Levin breaks down what’s really wrong with the media in America: Scoop
The 48 Hour Rule: Sgt. Mom
The media lied. And the media is the victim. Read about it in the media.: Daniel Greenfield

Anti-Catholicism and media malpractice: Exam
The White House Should Never Hold A Press Briefing Again: Raheem Kassam
WaPo Issues Correction About Native American Nathan Phillips Fighting in Vietnam: Andrew Kugle


“Nicolas Maduro must go.”: BattleSwarm
Trump's declaration on Venezuela sets stage for 'confrontational moment': Fox 40
Mike Pompeo: Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro can’t expel US diplomats: Joel Gehrke

Unwanted in Denmark: Stuart Schneiderman
‘Oops. Guess We Won’t be Taking US Money’: Clarion
Simmering, Ready to Explode: The War Between Iran and Israel Heats Up in Syria: Aaron Kliegman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Avangard Threat: Is It a Game Changer?: Adam Cabot
China, Russia Building Super-EMP Bombs for ‘Blackout Warfare’: Bill Gertz
The Writer Automaton, Switzerland: Chonday


Democrats on a Bus: Intellectual Froglegs
Flashback: How '1984' Warned About 'Facecrime' Hysteria: Charlie Nash
Beating the Drum: Seth Barron

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QOTD: "The conceit of journalists has created the “crisis” of transparency they keep telling us exists. Meanwhile, the president will just continue to go around them, via Twitter or otherwise. In the long run, who wins that war? I would cornily argue “the truth” does. As the furor surrounding the Covington Catholic school children has reminded us, the media is a cesspit of bad actors, liars, and creeps.

As far as I am concerned, this White House should never hold another press conference again. In fact, change the press briefing room into a crèche. At least then Acosta will still be able to make use of it." --Raheem Kassam

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