Thursday, May 16, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Coup Collaborators Turn on Each Other

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Coup Collaborators Turn on Each Other: EIB
Bill Barr’s probe has Brennan, Clapper and Comey ratting on each other: S. Noble
Barr Trolls Pelosi: ‘Madam Speaker, Did You Bring Your Handcuffs?’: Ryan Saavedra

DiGenova: For the first time, I believe these guys are going to prison: Fox
Which One Of The Spygate Rats Will Flip First?: CHQ
Nunes: Strzok's 'insurance policy' was about getting into Trump's emails: Daniel Chaitin

Deep State Fright! Durham Tasked to Investigate the Investigation: EIB
Barr’s Investigator John Durham Once Probed Mueller in a Shocking Case: S. Noble
And So It Begins: Brian Cates


Democrats in a World of Hurt: EIB
Rashida Tlaib: Has Trump administration tried to cover up white supremacy?: Naomi Lim
Jim Jordan Urges Democrats to Release Tactics on Attacking Trump: Sean Moran

Lindsey Graham debuts massive immigration reform for Central American migrants: Exam
Non-citizens commit 42% of federal crimes, despite being 7% of population: Victor Skinner
Fact: New Georgia Law Does Not Permit Sending Women to Jail For Their Abortions: Resurgent


Gingrich: China economy can't take the battering Trump will deliver: FoxBiz
Most Americans don’t realize how bad the border is. Here are the eye-popping numbers: Nate Madden
AARP accused of fighting Trump proposal that could help seniors with cheaper prescriptions: BPR

Scandal Central

DiGenova: Comey, Clapper and Brennan will have to pay the 'Barr bill': Fox
Giuliani details Biden’s potential abuse of power surrounding Ukraine: Fox
Top FBI officials were 'quite worried' Comey would appear to be blackmailing Trump: Yahoo!


Jordan and Gaetz Obliterate Nadler: The Four Stages of Mueller Derangement Syndrome: Triggered
‘Not Based In Fact Or Reality’: AP Reporter Wrecks Warren’s Abortion Claim: DailyWire
Unusual Agreement – Friedman and Bannon Align on China (Somewhat): CTH

Laura Ingraham Reports: Declassification Directive Possible Next Week: CTH
Watch Silly Snowflake Get Charged, Cuffed and Arrested After Stealing Pro-Life Sign: GWP
IPSOS Poll: Sleepy 32%, Crazy 14%, Spank Me 7%, How 7%…: CTH


Our Border Is Serving as a Sewer Pipe for Every Global Problem: Daniel Horowitz
Iran's Grip on Gaza and Israel's Dilemma: Jonathan Spyer
Iran-backed militias move rockets in range of U.S. troops: Report: Guy Taylor

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

China’s Huawei, and 70 Affiliates, Placed on U.S. Trade Blacklist: CTH
Colorado Marijuana Sales in March Hit Highest Monthly Total Ever: Thomas Mitchell
Mom, 63, cured of hepatitis after receiving part of liver from son, 37, in first-of-kind 3-D surgery: reports: NewsAlley


Campfire Chat: Mountain Guerilla
AOC Gives up on Dry Humor, Tries Knock Knock Jokes: IMAO
Greeny, Hairy and Creepy: MOTUS

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Bucky said...

And yet Comey and Brennan were both confirmed by the Senate with Roll-Over Party Senators' votes. "We have met the enemy and he is us" as Pogo observed.

commoncents said...

Video - Anti First Amendment UNC Student Arrested, Charged After Attack (Warning: Offensive Language)