Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: James Comey is in trouble and he knows it

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Unfreedom of the Press, Mark Levin's Devastating New Bestseller
James Comey is in trouble and he knows it: Kevin R. Brock
Huge Omissions Show Mueller Was Incompetent Or A Political Hack: Margot Cleveland
Newly Released Strzok-Page Texts Implicate CIA: EIB

The Coup Conspirators Must Be Held Accountable: EIB
‘OMG’: Huma Abedin’s Response When Told That Server Had Been Hacked: RS
Migrant Apprehensions by Border Patrol Hit 476K in 7 Months, Says CBP: Bob Price

Steele's stunning pre-FISA admission: must air Trump dirt before election: John Solomon
Dems focused on Barr to divert attention from Obama's spying: Tucker Carlson
Bob Mueller’s job now is just to go away: Rich Lowry

Police identify left-wing terror suspect in Colorado school shooting: Reports: Times
Democrat Governor Spites Trump, Drug Smuggling Explodes: BorderPAC
House Democrats threaten salaries of Trump officials who block interviews: Juliegrace Burke


China Confirms Totalitarian Ideological Disposition: CTH
Biden: “First thing I’d do is repeal those Trump tax cuts.” | Americans for Tax Reform: ATR
Trump proposals may redefine poverty, cut Americans from social welfare programs: report: Bradford Betz

Scandal Central

When to Fight: David Webb
Comey team may have used confidential sources prematurely, ex-FBI intel official says: Daniel Chaitin
Current DOJ and FBI Officials Hide State Dept. Email Outlining Political Motive of Chris Steele: CTH

How The FBI Blatantly Lied About Christopher Steele To The FISA Court: RS
New Filing: FBI Fights to Keep Comey Memos Secret: CTH
Hillary Clinton joins vast Democratic campaign to undermine faith in US elections: Becket Adams


David Horowitz Suspended from Twitter: Allum Bokhari
The Quietly Sinking Ship Of The Leftist Media: Brandon Morse
If Donald Trump Is A Con Man, The Media Are The Biggest Marks In History: Joe Cunningham


Maduro providing a 'safe haven' for Iranian terrorists in the West, Pence says: Joel Gehrke
The Mexico Tragedy: Shepard Barbash
Africa’s most endangered species – the white farmer: CAIRCO

Pope Rejects 'Excessive Demand for Sovereignty', Pushes Idea of Global Authority: CBN
Has Russia Secretly Installed Nuclear Missiles in Venezuela?: Andrew Miller
Cyber Attack, Real World Response: DTG

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The CIA Sets Up Shop on Tor, the Anonymous Internet: Lily Hay Newman
'Denial of service' attack caused grid cyber disruption: DOE: Blake Sobczak
China brings Star Wars to life with ‘laser AK-47’ that can set fire to targets a kilometre away: SCMP


Don’t Get Your Panties In A Bunch: MOTUS
A message about Robert Spencer from the David Horowitz Freedom Center: JihadWatch
Update On My Husband’s Cancer Treatment: NoisyRm

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