Wednesday, May 29, 2019

MARK LEVIN: Robert Mueller is Scared to Death of Testifying

By Mark Levin

Why did Robert Mueller suddenly appear and go beyond the four corners of his report?

Because he didn't want to testify.

Because he didn't want to appear in public.

Robert Mueller doesn't want any questions about his hiring, his decisions, his conduct, and his leaks. Mueller doesn't want questions about his omission of Hillary Clinton's scandal, or the Steele dossier.

I have a 1,001 questions for Robert Mueller.

But Mr. Mueller doesn't want to answer 1,001 questions that would be posed to him by the GOP.

So he gave the Democrats what they wanted today. He went further today. And he contradicted not only himself, but also the Attorney General, William Barr.

This deal was cut by Mueller and the Democrats.

It was perhaps an unspoken deal, but maybe more.

A deal was cut. Some kind of deal, directly or indirectly. There was a wink and a nod. Or maybe something more.

"I will give you democrats what you want, but I... will... not... be second-guessed by Republicans!"

But there's another reason.

For those who watched Mueller.

Did he seem sharp to you?

Did he appear healthy?

Did he appear to be a figurehead for Andrew Weissmann?

But he definitely did not want to testify.

I think it's because he wouldn't perform very well. He's feeble.

Constitutional Damage

This man Mueller has done more damage to our Constitution, more damage to our Bill of Rights, more damage to our Fourth Amendment than Vladimir Putin has ever done, or would hope to do.

What has Mueller done to this country?

To divide this country...

To serve as an agent of impeachment since day one.

Because anyone accused like this should have a chance to prove their innocence.

Every serious prosecutor knows it.

Every serious lawyer knows it.

And every citizen knows it.

The Democrats want an easy path to impeachment and they know Mueller just helped them.

They want an easy path and Mueller was it.

I could only imagine what the Founders of this country might say today. Or the Framers of the Constitution might say today.

I can only imagine what they're thinking today.



Anonymous said...

Remember the liberal President making Bob FBI head in '01! the UNIPARTY has 2 divisions!

creeper said...

Levin is wrong. Mueller is not "feeble". He's scared spitless.

Anonymous said...

If Graham doesn't subpoena Mueller and Weissmann we will know he has been hopelessly compromised.

Eskyman said...

The Founders of this once-great country would've already hanged this traitor. I'm still hoping that it's not too late to decorate some lamp-posts with the scum that have led us to this sorry state!