Friday, May 24, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Trump Accuses James Comey and Andrew McCabe of Treason

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Trump Accuses James Comey and Andrew McCabe of Treason: Amber Athey
AG Barr given power to declassify documents on surveillance of Trump campaign: Exam
Foolish Pelosi Forces Trump to Declassify and Re-Elects Him: Roger L. Simon

Are investigations of Trump the new McCarthyism?: Alan Dershowitz
New Polls: Voters Are Sick and Tired of Trump-Russia Investigation: Guy Benson
Americans want the FBI investigated: Don Surber

How Joe Biden’s Insane Drug Policies Supercharged the Opioid Crisis: Zachary Siegel
2020 Democrats all have the same immigration position: Open borders: Eddie Scarry
Open Letter To Gavin Newsom: Your Policies Are Destroying My Family: Jennifer Van Laar

Uh Oh: Gorsuch Sides With Liberal Justices In Wyoming Hunting Case: Beth Baumann
Trump makes dent in political alignment of liberal 9th Circuit: Melissa Quinn
Republicans Win PA Special Election; Voters Credit Trump with Good Economy;: Ace


White Democrats vs. Black Democrats on Charter Schools: Charles Fain Lehman

Scandal Central

Loretta Lynch Deals Another Blow to FBI’s Cover-Up Story: Julie Kelly
Judge who upheld Trump subpoena donated to Dems on committee seeking the records: Gregg Re
Mike Pompeo: Why Yes, It Happens to Be True That John Kerry Is Violating the Logan Act: Ace

IRS Complaint: Wife of Elijah Cummings Received Millions From His Committee Activities: Matt Margolis


Weaponized Democrats and the News Tales They Ride In On: MOTUS
'She Treats Me Like Her Maid': Kellyanne Rails On Pelosi: Cortney O'Brien
Biden In 2006: No Amnesty, Immigrants Need To Speak English: Spittle Matthews

Researchers Discover Network of Bots and Agitators Spamming Instagram with Anti-Trump Messages: Ace
Trump: People Dealing With Pelosi See Her ‘Disintegrating Before Their Eyes’: Cameron Cawthorne
Levin: ‘The president of the United States cannot, must not be blackmailed by the Democrat House’: Nate Madden

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Rare air travel ban could return to combat measles: Cassidy Morrison
People Be Getting Dumber: Daniel J. Flynn
Roku’s new Activation Insights tool targets viewers who have shifted to streaming: Taylor Peterson


Memorializing Memorial Day: Ed Morrow
The Left is mainstreaming Palestinian Marxist terrorists: John Rossomando
2020 Democrat Candidates Pledge to Forgo Secret Service Protection in Favor of “Gun Free Zone” Signage: IMAO

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commoncents said...

WOW! University of Pennsylvania study: America under Trump is LESS racist

Harvey said...

Thank you for the link to IMAO :-)