Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Must see: John Solomon on What Strzok’s ‘Insurance Policy’ Really Meant

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Unfreedom of the Press, Mark Levin's Devastating New Bestseller
Must see: John Solomon on What Strzok’s ‘Insurance Policy’ Really Meant: RS
Nothing Is What It Seems: Intellectual Conservative
Hundreds of African Migrants Protest for Entry at Texas Border Bridge: Breitbart

A Calm Feeling about the Holocaust: Stuart Schneiderman
Top Democrats’ defense of Tlaib’s Holocaust revisionism is unforgivable: LI
Democrats fall for Tlaib’s Holocaust trap: JNS

Biden is Red China's boy: Don Surber
The Spartacus Versus Fauxahontas Cage Match: CHQ
Tlaib Blames ‘Racist Idiots’ for Criticizing Her Historical Illiteracy on Holocaust: David Rutz


Rep. Scalise Praises President Trump’s Hard Stance In China Trade War: OAN
Video Overview of The U.S. -vs- China Trade Confrontation: CTH
More than 130 six-figure IL school administrators oppose education reform: Joe Barnas

Scandal Central

Investigating the Investigators – AG Barr Working with CIA and ODNI: CTH
Why was FBI so wrong in Trump-Russia wiretap warrant?: Byron York
FBI spies are toast: Don Surber

Devin Nunes Discusses Importance of Russia Narrative Origination: CTH
Why didn't Winer mention any of this in his op-ed?: @15poundstogo
Obama judge mandates Spanish-language ballots, marketing, and assistance in Florida elections: CR

Climate, Energy & Regulations

California descending to Third World status with planned electricity blackouts for up to a week: Thomas Lifson
Watch Fake Reporter John Oliver and Fake Scientist Bill Nye Try to Sell You a Fake Crisis: RS


It’s Like Catching a Three Year Old With a Cookie: Stacey Lennox, The Resurgent
NYT finally showed the real Donald Trump: Don Surber
The FBI and Crowdstrike: @15poundstogo

This game is more fun than the "Kevin Bacon" game: @15poundstogo
Rod Rosenstein Goes Nuclear On James Comey And It’s Beautiful: RS
Clapper: "We Don't Need Another Investigation...Barr Should Wait for IG Report": Sara Carter


China’s Worsening Human Rights Abuses Evoke Memories of Mao: Olivia Enos
N. Korea accuses US of ‘robbery’ for seizing cargo ship, demands its return: Stripes
Russia's New Surveillance Plane Just Flew Over Two Of America's Top Nuclear Labs: TheDrive

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New Corvette C8 Rendering Is One Of The Most Daring Yet: Dan Milhascu
Coffee addicts really do wake up and smell the coffee: MedicalXpress
How to Be Joyful When Finances Are Insecure: Mica B. Estrada, Ph.D.


Tim Conway and Harvey Korman in The Dentist: Carol Burnett Show
34 Years in Atlanta: GOC
Jewish community outraged at prevalence of anti-Semitic graffiti throughout VA: JNS

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