Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: The walls are closing in on Obama's spies

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The Case for Trump, by Victor Davis Hanson
The walls are closing in on Obama's spies: Don Surber
The Brainwashing of a Nation: Daniel Greenfield
When Will Trump Finally Drop the Hammer on the Deep State?: John Scotto

Senile Old Joe Biden Thinks Margaret Thatcher is Still Alive: Simon Kent
Biden: ‘We’ve Got Jim Crow Sneaking Back In’: David Rutz
Cory Booker: Americans should be 'thrown in jail' if they won't give up their guns: John Gage

2020 Democrat Contenders Silent on Gaza Attacks: Bowen Xiao
Trump approval reaches record high in Gallup poll: Zachary Halaschak
‘AOC Press’ Parody Killed in Latest Big Tech Election Interference.: Sofia Carbone

Mueller, the Democrats, and the Historic Great Disappointment: Abraham H. Miller
Drug Cartels Booming in New Mexico After Feds Shut Down Border Checkpoints: Liz Sheld
Poll: 57% Say Socialism Is Incompatible With American Values: Hot Air


Lighthizer: “We have seen an erosion of commitments by China... unacceptable”: CTH
Irony: New York Blocked A New Pipeline And Guess What They Just Found Out: Jazz Shaw
Great Again But Not Great Enough: AmSpec

Scandal Central

Here We Go: Nadler Unveils Contempt Charge Against Barr: Ed Morrissey
House Judiciary's Doug Collins Responds to Democrat Contempt Move: CTH
Mnuchin Rejects Dems Request For Trump’s Tax Returns: Jennie Taer

Peter Strzok Thought Brennan CIA Was Behind Inaccurate Media Leaks: Chuck Ross
Mifsud: What are the odds?: @Avery1776
FBI translator arrested after his own voice was intercepted in terrorism investigation: Jerry Dunleavy


Facebook’s latest crackdown begs the question -- Who is the final arbiter of free speech?: Ned Ryun
The “Fine People” Hoax Funnel: Scott Adams
Acosta Offers Conspiracy Theory Behind Tiger’s Presidential Medal: DC

The Facebook Fascists: Jeffrey Lord
Extra, Extra! Newspapers Found Dying: William Murchison
CNN says 100 employees accepted voluntary buyouts in response to layoffs 'rumor': Claude Thompson


Open Borders to Turn Europe into Islamic Caliphate, Italy’s Salvini Warns: Vijeta Uniyal
Austrians Describe 'Feeling Like Foreigners' in Their Own Country: Chris Tomlinson
Myanmar releases Reuters journalists detained in 2017: Diana Stancy Correll

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Artificial embryos possible after embryonic stem cells breakthrough: New Atlas
Alexa has been eavesdropping on you this whole time: MFO
Samsung Electronics Says No Anticipated Shipping Date Yet For Galaxy Fold: OAN


David Hogg: “You’re A Terrible Shot” If You Need An AR-15 To Defend Yourself: Herschel Smith
Weekend Ps Dump: Sondrakistan
Fun fun fun acoming: C&S

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