Thursday, May 09, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Latin America is Collapsing and Taking America With It

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MAGA and USA Flag Baseball Hat
Latin America is Collapsing and Taking America With It: Daniel Greenfield
Fake Illegal Alien Families: Michelle Malkin
Ninth Circuit Appellate Court Allows ‘Return to Mexico’ Policy to Remain In Force: CTH

Jordan on Real Reason Democrats Are Holding AG Barr In Contempt: Debra Heine
House panel cites Barr for contempt over... upholding the law: Susan Ferrechio
White House Follows-Through: Invokes Executive Privilege Over Mueller Report: CTH

Boston diversifies its corruption: Don Surber
Cory Booker Announces Sweeping Gun Bans, Gun-Control Measures: Stephen Gutowski
Study: Blacks abandon Biden when told he opposed school integration: Joseph Simonson

Trump wants to curb authority of judges to issue nationwide injunctions: John Gage
Nadler (D): ‘We Are Now in a Constitutional Crisis’: Jeffrey Cimmino
Jasser: 'Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Are Normalizing' Radical Islamism: Robert Kraychik


Trump Puts a Stop to Dems Stealing Money From Parents of Disabled Kids: Daniel Greenfield
Details of Beijing Reversal Surface – China Said: ‘trust us’ – USTR Lighthizer said: ‘go spit’: CTH
China says problem is Trump demanding trade deal be in writing: Sean Higgins

Scandal Central

Mueller prosecutor: FBI began obstruction case before special counsel appointment: Exan
IPT Exclusive: MAS Lied About School in Jihad Video Being a "Separate Entity": Steven Emerson
Border crisis worsens: 100,000 border crossers arrested in April, highest since 2007: Anna Giaritelli

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The Tesla Story Gets Even Weirder as $TSLA Completely Changes Its Business Strategy: Coyote Blog
More Tesla Troubles: BattleSwarm


NYT Trump Taxes Story is Funniest News of Year (so far): CTH
Pelosi: Jails Will Be ‘Overcrowded’ If We Start Arresting Trump Officials: Grabien
Money Laundering for 21st Century Authoritarianism: Ben Judah and Belinda Li

Sinking to Third World Status: F.H. Buckley
Ken Starr rips Mueller for 'special counsel overkill': Daniel Chaitin
Louie Gohmert fires back at Dems: The real scandal is ‘attempted coup’ against President Trump: Jordan Schachtel


Senior Obama Cyber Official Lobbying for China: Bill Gertz
Navy Sends Warships to Challenge PLA In S. China Sea: Bill Gertz
Trump envoy: Iranians 'do not want to eat grass so that the regime can have nukes': Joel Gehrke

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sunscreen Chemicals Soak All the Way Into Your Bloodstream: WIRED
States race to legalize sports betting after Supreme Court ends ban: Melissa Quinn
Human Brains Re-wired in Tech Age, Big Tech Capitalizes on “Hypersensitized” Dopamine Systems: Daniel Taylor


New York Times to Start Publishing Tax Returns of Everyone Who Cancels Subscription: IMAO
Paul Krugman, Moron: Andrew Stiles
D Is for a Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy: John Whitehead

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