Sunday, May 26, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Rein in politicized judges and their injunctions

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Rein in politicized judges and their injunctions: Exam
Federal judge who blocked border wall donated $20K to Obama: Vaishnavee Sharma
Obama Judges Block Border Wall Funds And ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law: Ryan Saavedra

Declassification Directive Gives Pelosi, Schumer and Small Group Few Options: CTH
Sen. Diane Feinstein’s Lucrative Chinese Communist Ties: S. Noble
Report: Obama’s Spying On Press Far Worse Than Previously Thought: John Merline

Remember the Fallen, and Their Cause: Tim Rice
Begging For Help: NM Gov Changing Her Tune On Immigration: Sarah Cowgill
The Left's weaponization of everything: Gary Gindler


Democratic congressman wants to ban cryptocurrency: Bill Bambrough
NYU Graduation Speaker Smears Trump, Israel: Mikhael Smits
President Trump Attends Reception With Japanese Business Leaders: CTH

Scandal Central

Report: Samantha Power's 2016 Unmasking Efforts Were Related to Israel: Debra Heine
FBI Lawyer: Page FISA Handling “Unusual,” Implicates Comey, McCabe, And Yates: RS
Deep State Left ‘Paper Trail As Wide As I-95’ Which Will ‘Fall All Over DC Like Radioactive Ash’: RS


The Diminishing Power of the Media, Part I: Vassar Bushmills
CAIR Report Conflates Anti-Muslim Bigotry with Opposition to Islamism: Bradley Martin
Trump never revoked John Brennan's security clearance: Daniel Chaitin

Anderson Cooper, the CIA, CNN, False Flags and Operation Mockingbird: MilneNews
Ex-CIA Officials Fume About Declassification, Ignoring Previous Leaks Of Sources And Methods: Chuck Ross
Brennan's prized Russia informant abruptly said to be imperiled by Barr's new power: Exam


Theresa May’s Colossal Failure: BattleSwarm
Pentagon says Iran’s Revolutionary Guards responsible for oil tanker attacks: Fox
Crime Wave UK: Gang Members Give 'Points' for Stabbing Different Areas: Joe Markham

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Forced Tech Transfers Are on the Rise in China, European Firms Say: WSJ
The future of AT&T is an ad-tracking nightmare hellworld: Nilay Patel
Artist banned from Facebook for turning 'MAGA' hats into symbols of hate speech: Hill


Trump and John Brennan fight over A.F. Branco Legal Insurrection cartoon: LI
Trump announces reprieve for Rolling Thunder veterans motorcycle ride: Zachary Halaschak
Holiday Special: Roasted Wolf: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

It was common knowledge in the 60's and 70's that Martin Luther King Jr. was a sexaholic, but the revelations now that he used church members for rape and perversions certainly dictates that his images and statues be torn down across the Country.
His National Day interrupts the lives of 250 million Americans each year, that is an accumulated Billion intrusions upon Americans every 4 years.
This is so triggering, I want this man GONE from public awareness - tear his statues down. The money he and his family gained from this profit should be given back. I don't want to see his face again.