Monday, July 15, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: The DC Illegal Immigration Business

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The DC Illegal Immigration Business: CTH
ICE reportedly begins deportation raids: Mike Brest
Obama-Era ICE Chief – Caged "Camps” Were Obama’s Idea: Steve MacDonald

Pro-China Communists May Enlist 40 Million New Voters Against Trump: Trevor Loudon
Trump is not a racist; he’s pushing the Overton window to normal: Bookworm
Eat Popcorn As Democrats Eat Themselves: Kurt Schlichter

Dem Reps clap back after Trump tells them to 'go back' to their home countries: Mike Brest
Rashida Tlaib: ‘We’re going to impeach the MF’er, don’t worry’: Caitlin Yilek
President Trump Punches Back On Racism Charges After ‘Go Back’ Tweet: Scott Morefield

Sen. Graham Discusses Border Crisis, Upcoming Mueller Testimony and Iran: CTH
Biden refuses to apologize for Obama-era deportations: Mike Brest
House Dems, Progressives Melting Down On Twitter Over AOC/Pelosi War: Hot Air


How Socialism Works: Part Three —Rule With Love of ‘The People’: Dov Fischer
Amid Homelessness Crisis, SF Residents Sue To Block New Shelter: Jazz Shaw
A glorious new era of Chicago aldermanic convictions may be upon us: John Ruberry

Scandal Central

Muslims in Congress work with designated Islamic terror-tied org to create “Muslim Caucus”: Dr. Jane Ruby
Clarion Intel EXCLUSIVE: Nationwide Militant Islamist Network: Ryan Mauro
Inside the Victoria’s Secret pipeline to Jeffrey Epstein: Isabel Vincent

Police Kill Antifa Extremist Attacking Immigrant Detention Facility: Ivan Pentchoukov
Here it is: ICE Bomber’s manifesto: “I am Antifa”: Jack Posobiec
Armed Man Who Firebombed ICE Facility Wrote Antifa Manifesto: Paul Joseph Watson

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Con Ed can’t explain what caused the Manhattan blackout: Bruce Golding
Antarctica was warmer one thousand years ago — and life was OK: JoNova
Gender Dissenter Gets Fired: Madeleine Kearns


The Media, Fusion GPS And The FBI: Nick Short (4/19)
AOC Immanentizes The Eschaton: BattleSwarm
Nasty, horribly written New Republic op-ed attacks Mayor Pete as the gay Uncle Tom: Becket Adams

Sunday Talks: Kellyanne Conway -vs- Chris Wallace: CTH
Don't let extremists appropriate America's history: Chris Chung
Democratic Rivals Finally Spotlight Fact Biden and Obama Deported Millions Of Illegals: Timothy Meads


Civilizational Suicide: Qatar’s Vision Shapes American Classrooms: Clarion
British Ambassador Who Resigned Said Christopher Steele Was ‘Absolutely Legit’: Sara Carter
UK ambassador vouched for 'legit' dossier author, said Trump killed Iran deal to spite Obama: Fox

The Palestinian Problem Is Dying of Natural Causes: Spengler
Tommy Robinson and the Death of Britain: Robert Spencer
Trudeau “steps up” to fund Hamas through UNRWA in shortfall left by Trump: Sheila Gunn Reid

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

J Robot: Could Artificial Intelligence Actually Replace Reporters?: John A. Tures
New US House Bill Would Fine Facebook’s Libra $1 Million Per Day: Marie Huillet
'Flying soldier' arrives at Bastille Day parade on 118mph Back to the Future-style hoverboard: Daily Mail


Wimbledon 2019" Is Djokovic 'The GOAT'?: Roger L. Simon
Jeffrey Epstein’s cell is 3 doors down from El Chapo: Emily Saul
Blackwater Founder: Hillary Clinton’s Visits to ‘Orgy Island’ Ignored by Media : James Kouri

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Ilhan and the Bar Fly.
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