Sunday, July 28, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Mueller’s Ignorance Of Fusion GPS Proves His Investigation Was A Sham

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In The End: A difficult medical procedure brings five people together as a terror attack looms.
Mueller’s Ignorance Of Fusion GPS Proves His Investigation Was A Sham: Margot Cleveland
Trump: 'This Was Treason...Should Never Be Allowed to Happen Again': Jeff Poor
Mark Levin: 'Coward' Jerry Nadler Has 'Declared War on the American People': Breitbart

Google’s Algorithms Threaten Free and Fair Elections: Ned Ryun
2020 Democratic field set to be cut in half; only 10 candidates in fall debate: Emily Larsen
With New House Resolutions, Democrats' Israel Divide Fully Visible to All: Federalist

Shocker: Pelosi Responds To SCOTUS Wall Ruling With Meaningless Absurdity: Alex Parker
More Illegal Immigration Inanity from Kamala: Ed Morrissey
Tom Homan on SCOTUS Border Ruling and Asylum Agreement With Guatemala: CTH

Cummings Criticizes Border Conditions; Trump Reminds Him of His Home District: CTH
Trump Gets More #FakeNews Accusations of Racism by Pointing Out Obvious: Alex Parker
McConnell Did Good, Killing Two Democrat Fake Election Protection Bills: RS


President Trump Building Economic Landscape for 2020: CTH

Scandal Central

Russia Probe Twist: A Billion Dollar CEO, A Convicted Russian Agent And The FBI: Sara Carter
MS-13 gang created beachhead at Calif. high school, but authorities insisted on secrecy: Herald
President Trump Discusses Declassification Authority Granted to AG Bill Barr: CTH

NJ High School Allows Muslim Proselytizing in Class: Sara Dogan
Clintons sex problem: The Epstein, Buck, Weinstein NXIVM sex scandals: Stephen Frank
DOJ Seeks Secret Tape Between Papadopoulos And Informant, Called A “Game Changer”: Exam


Mueller underwhelms — so CNN and MSNBC do fake news and obfuscation: Peter Barry Chowka
Other Politicians Like Sanders And Obama Ripped Baltimore’s Crime Problem (But That Was Just Fine): WZ
Jew-hating tweets from two CNN staffers outed: Thomas Lifson


Prime Minister Boris Johnson Takes the Reins: CTH
Art of the Deal: Trump and Boris Johnson Hammering Out ‘Very Substantial Trade Agreement’: WJ
Video: Algerians Tear Down Statue of General de Gaulle in France: Summit

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Siri records fights, doctor’s appointments, and sex (and contractors hear it): Anna Washenko
This supercomputer will perform 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 operations per second: Rob Verger
NASA Unveils Amazing Cosmic Views as Chandra X-Ray Observatory Turns 20: Elizabeth Howell


47 Clinton Friends Who Died Under Strange Circumstances (PART 2): Tamara Jackson
The Art of The Deal: Let’s Make the UK Great Again: MOTUS
Mr Foreign Relations – When Joe Went To Mongolia: Earl of Taint


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