Saturday, July 13, 2019

BREAKING: Exclusive Look at Google's New (and Even More Anti-Conservative) Search Results Page...

Via Biff Spackle, Summer Intern

Goolge News Service: Please Click on Preferred News Source




Media Matters

Fox News

Only partially satire at this point.


Whoopie said...

Google: Too cute, go to gulag.

Iceberg said...

No thanks, Google! You cut out half of the population, the half we belong to! We don't go where we are not wanted and we don't buy from people who insult us! Who would?

Eskyman said...

That's a good trick! I wonder how long it'll be before Fox News is banned on Fakebook and Twatter like InfoWars is already?

Warner Todd Huston said...

And no doubt the Fox News tab never actually works.