Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: On Eve of Testimony, James Comey Peddling Falsehoods with 'Questions' for Mueller

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Unfreedom of the Press, by Mark Levin. The book that started a movement exposing our hyper-partisan media.
On Eve of Testimony, Comey Peddles Lies with 'Questions' for Mueller: Aaron Klein
Mueller's Conflicts and the Various Lies That Followed: Stephen McIntyre
Here’s Why Mueller Asked the DOJ to Limit His Responses: EIB

Booker: I Often ‘Feel Like Punching’ Trump: Cameron Cawthorne
Sanders Struggles to Name What He Admires About Warren: David Rutz
Maxine Waters: 'Impeachment First, Prison Next': Tony Lee

Emoluments Out of a Molehill: Jack Park
Losing a Child to the BDS Movement: WIN
U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr Successfully Convicts Flynn Intel Group: CTH

Reminder the DC Outrage Trap Has a Purpose: CTH
Schiff: DOJ inspector general's work 'tainted' ahead of FISA abuse report: Daniel Chaitin
Judicial Watch Asks House to Investigate Ilhan Omar’s Marriage: Brent Scher


Amazon’s IRS Prime Deal: AmSpec
IMF Increases Forecast of U.S. Growth, Downgrades Global Growth Prediction: CTH
Will Hong Kong End Like Tiananmen Square?: James Gorrie

Scandal Central

What are the odds of this charity partnering with Link campus, which ends up hiring Joseph Mifsud?: @Avery1776
Mueller and Comey: A Cozy Relationship: Daniel John Sobieski
Mueller Makes Last-Minute Request Ahead Of Testimony, And Republicans Aren’t Happy About It: Chuck Ross


Nancy Pelosi Releases “Mueller Blitz” Designated Talking Points: CTH
Nets Glorify Activists Who Obstructed ICE Raids, 'Protesting' Arrests: Nicholas Fondacaro
MSNBC: ‘Sound the Alarm’ to Trump and Rise of Nazi Threat in 2020: Mark Finkelstein


Iran talks a big game, but Trump is unfazed: Brandon J. Weichert
Britain calls for European naval mission to counter Iran's 'piracy': Reuters
Nigel Farage Warns World Leaders: 2016 Was Just The Beginning: William Davis

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Justice Dept. opens antitrust review of big US tech companies: Melissa Quinn & James Langford
2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Unveiled As Mid-Engine Rocket: Christopher Smith
Massless particles can’t be stopped: Madeleine O’Keefe


Democrats in One Simple Graphic: Diogenes
Trump sends the Squad away, a happy ending: Cube
Trans Man Demanding Woman Wax His Genitals Is Now a ‘Human Rights’ Case: John Hawkins

Sen. Booker says, "My Testosterone Sometimes Makes Me Want To Feel Like Punching" Trump...Really?: Obiter Dictum
Breaking Bad Meets Bad Braking: Man Transporting $140 Million In Meth Crashes Into Cop Car: ZH
If It Seems Easy You’re Doing It Wrong: MOTUS

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