Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Decade Long Epstein Investigative Reporter Calls Bill Clinton a Liar

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Decade Long Epstein Investigative Reporter Calls Bill Clinton a Liar: CTH
Mo Brooks: Healthcare for Illegals an Effort to Turn U.S. into California: John Binder
Is America Still the Land of the Free?: Justin O. Smith

Illegal migrant apprehensions dropped by more than 37,500 in June: Anna Giaritelli
Barr sees a way for census to legally ask about citizenship: Mike Balsamo
William Barr recused himself from Jeffrey Epstein case: Jerry Dunleavy

The Democrats’ Situational Racism: Brian C. Joondeph
Seized Epstein Safe Contents Include CD ROM’s of Victims With Other Suspects: CTH
AG Barr Discusses New Census Approach and Support for Robert Mueller: CTH

‘Democrat leadership covering’ for those in Epstein’s ‘little black book of clients’: WorldTrib
The Jeffrey Epstein Rabbit Hole Goes a Lot Deeper Than You Think: Michael Krieger
Epstein’s Ex-Mentor Says His Bill Clinton Relationship ‘Destroyed’ Him: Davis Richardson


Critical spending bills and debt limit stall over caps dispute: Susan Ferrechio
South Bend’s Violent Crime Continues to Skyrocket Under Butthead: WFB
We Need To Dismantle The U.S. Military For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something: Cove

Scandal Central

Bill Clinton claims he 'knows nothing' about Jeffrey Epstein's alleged child sex crimes: Julio Rosas
Labor Sec. Alex Acosta Brokered 2008 Plea Deal With Scumbag Epstein, Faces Calls To Resign: Ellie Gardey
Jeffrey Epstein: Seizure of Photos of Nude Girls Deepens Questions About Earlier Deal: Ali Watkins, NYT


Corbynization of the Democrat Party continues apace: InstaPundit
Warren Staffer Draws Criticism for Anti-Israel Tweet: Adam Kredo
Ilhan Omar Admits Lying to High School Students: Brent Scher

Trey Gowdy dishes on 'Mueller’s out' in public hearing: Daniel Chaitin
CBS Host: Obama Presidency Had ‘No Scandal’: David Rutz
Corporate Media Push Trump-Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracies Without Evidence: Joshua Caplan


When British Justice Died: Bruce Bawer
Tommy Robinson begs Trump for political asylum: ‘I’ve been convicted for journalism’: Zachary Leeman
Trump disinvites UK ambassador from dinner over comments: Jon Brown

Iran's New Global Terrorist Network: Con Coughlin
Migrants Claim Mexico Demands Bribes to Cut Asylum Line into Texas: Breitbart
Noncompliance Kneecaps New Zealand's Gun Control Scheme: J.D. Tuccille

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Silicon Valley Spy Case Links ZTE, PLA to Stolen US Technology: Bill Gertz
Report: Trump Did Not Invite Twitter And Facebook To Meeting On Big Tech's Bias: Chris White
Amazon staff will strike during Prime Day over working conditions: Jon Fingas


What Stranger Things gets right about capitalism: Stephen Kent
The Last Straw: American Digest
Michelle Obama Shares Her Deep Thoughts: MOTUS

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