Monday, July 29, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Trump vs. Baltimore

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In The End: A difficult medical procedure brings five people together as a terror attack looms.
Trump and Baltimore: BattleSwarm
Trump Aides Defend His Comments on Baltimore, ‘Zero to Do With Race’: Bowen Xiao
Border Patrol agents sickened by toxic raw sewage flowing in from Mexico: Anna Giaritelli

ODNI Dan Coats Gone: POTUS Trump Nominates John Ratcliffe as Replacement: CTH
Pelosi: SCOTUS Allowing Trump To ‘Steal’ Money For ‘Wasteful, Ineffective Wall’: Paul Bois
California Judge Upholds “Assault Weapons” Ban. Now What?: Cam Edwards

65 Days and Counting…: CTH
Why Do Democrats Run All Of Dangerous, Rodent Infested Cities?: Kevin McCullough
Cummings: Piece of Crap: Market-Ticker

The Democrats, Not Trump, Are the Racists: Roger L. Simon
On Marxism, Identity Politics, & “Ideology of Resentment”—Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Jan Jekielek
Sanders says he would ‘absolutely’ consider cutting US military aid to Israel: JNS


Trump Turns His Sights On Nancy Pelosi In Battle Over Baltimore: Amber Athey

Scandal Central

Devin Nunes: CIA has 'come clean' but John Brennan remains a concern: Daniel Chaitin, Jerry Dunleavy
Maria Bartiromo to Devin Nunes: “Who is the mastermind behind all of this?”: CTH
Expert: Obama tried to oust Trump to preserve legacy: Michael F. Haverluck

GOOGLE manipulating votes? Say it ain’t so...: C&S
Amazon Purges Reviews of Bestselling Anti-Obama Book: Matt Margolis
A Directory of Politically Incorrect, Algorithmically Stifled Vloggers: Edward Ring


Way back in 2018, When PBS Was Racist: Instapundit
Trump Hits Twitter to Reaffirm That Cummings Is a Lousy Representative: Stephen Kruiser
Muh UniParty – Sunday Talks: Mick Mulvaney -vs- Margaret Brennan: CTH

Baltimore Rat Infestation Is So Bad They Made A Documentary About It 2 Years Ago: Virginia Kruta
Uniparty Gatekeeper Chris Wallace Embarrasses Himself Again vs Mick Mulvaney: CTH
How Howard Zinn’s Anti-American Textbook Inspired The Antifa Bombing Attempt: Mary Grabar

Ex-cop cellmate claims to have saved Jeffrey Epstein from hanging, source says: Stripes
Bannon Kicks off Border Wall Symposium in El Paso: Human Events


Why the F-35 Just Isn’t Good Enough: Bryan Preston
Turkey Is Cozying Up To China After F-35 Expulsion, Israelis Warn: Arie Egozi
After Weekend Of Violent Clashes, Beijing To Address Hong Kong Unrest: OAN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sony is crowdfunding a wearable 'air conditioner' (updated): Jon Fingas
An introvert’s advice for networking: Karen Wickre
The best electric razor: Wirecutter


10 Historic Knives from Around the World: Jonathan Tayag
ToDaZeD “doh!”: Sondrakistan
Why, It’s Almost As If There Is A Ruling Party Whose Members All Think Alike: Bill Quick


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