Saturday, July 13, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: On Why Things Are So Screwed Up

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In The End: A difficult medical procedure brings five people together as a cataclysm approaches.
On Why Things Are So Screwed Up: Stu Cvrk
Cracking Skulls for a Good Cause: Jim Goad
The Corrupt System Will Never Police Itself: Brandon Smith

Former ICE Director Tom Homan -vs- Congressional Hypocrites: CTH
Trump Administration Wins Sanctuary Cities Case in Appeals Court: Mimi Nguyen Ly
Tucker Carlson Has A Point About The Dangers Of Immigration: John Daniel Davidson

Disarray: House Democrats slam AOC chief of staff as party infighting heats up: Exam
House Dems To Nadler: How Dare You Rob Us Of Our PR in Mueller Show: Ed Morrissey
Trump attacks Mueller after deal struck to delay public hearing: Daniel Chaitin

The Totalitarian Mindset is Strong on the Left: Bernie Marcus
Warren plans to increase annual refugee admissions nearly 800 percent: Fox
More Data on Epstein, His Homes, and His Powerful Friends: Dagny Taggart


Candace Owens on Breaking the Victimhood Mindset: Irene Luo
Tales from the Illinois Exodus: Chicagoans finally awakening to pension bomb: John Ruberry
Trump Can Deny Funds To Sanctuary Cities Says… The Ninth Circuit?: Jazz Shaw

Scandal Central

How Democrats try to hijack elections: Scott Walker
Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan under federal investigation for alleged leaks: Anna Giaritelli
Report: There’s A Steel Safe On Epstein’s “Pedophile Island”: Hot Air

The ‘Holy Grail’: Epstein’s Little Black Book Names Clinton, Media Giants and Others: Benjamin Arie
Feds say they have ‘devastating evidence’ against Jeffrey Epstein: Bruce Golding
Dershowitz breaks silence on Epstein indictment: ‘I just didn’t know the person at all’: Frieda Powers

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Climate change hoax collapses: Mike Adams


My theory of what the Epstein story really is: Quantian
TV Ignores Conservative Authors Of No. 1 Book, Features Liberal Author Of No. 3,421 Book Instead: Luke Rosiak
Whoopi Goldberg Defends Pelosi Tells AOC: ‘You’re Not Allowed to Bitch About This’: Sara Carter

Caution – Media Reporting ODNI Dan Coats Possibly Being Replaced: CTH
The DNC Army That Could Soon Descend on Swing States: Elaine Godfrey
Drive-By Media Celebrates After Getting Acosta’s Scalp: EIB


Report: American Islamist Charities Funding Terror in Gaza: Abha Shankar
Muslim-majority countries' silence over abuse of China's Uighurs sparks criticism: Nadda Osman
Five Hospitalized On Seventh Day Of Pamplona Bull Run: OAN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hey, Google, why are your contractors listening to me?: Lisa Vaas
Harley-Davidson shows off its road-ready LiveWire electric bike: Steve Dent
Fresh from the lab: Startups make meat that avoids slaughter: Terence Chea


Michelle Obama rents $25 million Hollywood Hills home, possibly scoping out L.A. move: Mercury
Do They Really Care?: MOTUS
Conspiracy theories surround religious temple on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Pedophile Island' in Caribbean: DailyMail

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