Friday, July 26, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Google Engineer: We Merged with the Democrat Party to Sway Political Elections

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In The End: A difficult medical procedure brings five people together as a terror attack looms.
Google Engineer: We Merged with the Democrat Party to Sway Elections: Debra Heine
Aftermath of Mueller: CTH
Levin: 'There is no Mueller report. It's a Weissmann report': CR

Democrat suffer anxiety attacks over Mueller, blame him rather than themselves: John Kass
Impeachment charade deepens divide between Democratic leaders and voters: Byron York
Clapper Surfaces on Cue to Mumble About More Russian Meddling B.S.: EIB

The investigators need to be investigated: LI
President Trump Full Interview With Sean Hannity: CTH
NYT Hints: Mueller Aide Zebley Was Really Running The Russiagate Probe: Hot Air

Progressives Discard the Truth to Demonize Israel: Aaron Kliegman
After Near-Two-Decade Hiatus, Feds to Resume Executions: Charles Fain Lehman
The New Yorker Prosecutes Kamala Harris: Brent Scher


Economy grew at 2.1% in second quarter as recovery hits record length: Joseph Lawler
MAGAnomics: Durable Goods Orders Increase in Advance of Q2 GDP Release: CTH
Wealthy Republicans fearing socialists provide hope GOP can retake the House: David M. Drucker

Scandal Central

Behind the Schemes: Doug Collins and Devin Nunes Discuss Mueller’s Testimony: CTH
Comey Memo Update: DOJ Requests More Time to Respond, Block Release: CTH
Graham: “We’ll Dig In” To Determine Mueller’s Role In The Special-Counsel Probe: Ed Morrissey


CNN Analyst Phil Mudd: Democrats Need to ‘Shut Up’ About Impeachment: Cameron Cawthorne
Don Jr.: 'The inmates were running the asylum' during Mueller investigation: Ellie Bufkin
MSNBC Analyst: ‘We in the Media’ Failed to Explain Russia Probe in ‘Bite-Sized Way’ for Public: David Rutz

CNN Photojournalist Has History of Anti-Semitic Tweets: Jeffrey Cimmino
Trump: 'Mueller made Biden look like a dynamo': Ellie Bufkin
Report: Epstein Tried To Hang Himself: Hot Air


China Outlines Space War Plans: Bill Gertz
An English Misunderstanding of Iran: Amir Taheri
Pompeo pledges ‘collective defense' of shipping threatened by Iran: Joel Gehrke

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Man killed by rare brain-eating amoeba: Zachary Halaschak
Research facility sued after FBI finds buckets of heads, other body parts sewn together: Ellie Bufkin
Giant dinosaur bone found in southwestern France: Reuters


Final Jeopardy Clue Stumps All: IMAO
The Day After Muellermas: GOC
Let’s Take a Summer Bacon Break: MOTUS

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