Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Back to the Basement: Joe Biden Abandons Campaign Trail Again

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Seamless Neck Gaiter Headwrap
Back to the Basement: Joe Biden Abandons Campaign Trail Again: Hannah Bleau
Sundown Joe: Now I Will Not Issue a National Mask Mandate. Forget It! I Already Did!: Ace
'If Joe Biden Gets in, Your 2nd Amendment Is Gone': AWR Hawkins

Today and Yesterday: Walter E. Williams
Entire Rochester Police Command Staff Resigns: Ace
Super. Just 1 In 5 Shootings In NYC Resulted In An Arrest This Year: Jazz Shaw

More Vote Fraud: Georgia Secretary of State: 1000 People Double-Voted In Primary: LI
AP: Here's the One Problem with Mail-In Ballots in Battleground States: Beth Baumann
The Only Good “White Ally” Is a Dead White Ally: David Cole

How to Steal an Election: Chris Farrell
Joe Biden Needs a Teleprompter for Everything: Scott Johnson
President Trump Doubles Latino Support in Miami-Dade: “There’s Nowhere Else To Go”: CTH


Jaw-Dropping Fraud: Beijing Biden Plans to Introduce “America First” Economic Plan in Michigan: CTH
The Decline and Fall of California in Two Maps: Steven Hayward
University to remove World War II murals because they show too many white people: College Fix

Scandal Central

The mysterious destruction of evidence related to Steele's dossier, State Department contacts: John Solomon
Vindman, Not Whistleblower, Was Driving Force Behind Impeachment: Mollie Hemingway
Attkisson v. Rosenstein for government computer intrusions: Sharyl Attkisson

Race Agitators Terrorize Diners in Pittsburgh by Screaming 'F*** White People,' Smashing Glasses: WJ
White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Interview With Maria Bartiromo – “Additional Documents”: CTH
Voter fraud is real, and we must stamp it out: Gov. Greg Abbott


State Dept Gives 3-Year Response Time When Asked For Details About Biden-Xi Private Meetings: Pulse
Washington Post Interviews Clay Travis With An Incoherent Series Of Tween-Speak Questions: Ace
Professor of Black History at GWU Admits She's White and Not Black As She's Claimed for Years: Ace

Trump honors war dead with his heart and wallet: Don Surber
New Poll Pegs Biden Running Behind Hillary Clinton in Miami-Dade: Ace
Tucker Carlson Exposes The Background Agenda of CNN and Jeff Zucker: CTH


China's Dark Turn: John Stossel
Has the Trump Administration Ended Clinton's Less-Than-Splendid Balkan War?: Austin Bay
London knife crime: 12 stabbed in 24 hours of violence: This Is Local London

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists Grew Tiny Human Brains and Hooked Them up to Robots: Futurism
Physicist Pleads: Stop Building Stupid, Expensive Particle Colliders: Futurism
The Man With The Golden Sub: Cole Pennington, Hondinkee


Donald Trump nominated for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize after deal between Israel and United Arab Emirates: DailyMail
This week in pictures, bad hair day edition: Steven Hayward
Slope-a-Dope: Stilton’s Place

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