Saturday, September 05, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: To Destroy America: BLM is committed to overthrowing our entire system

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By Mark Levin, now in paperback!
To Destroy America: BLM is committed to overthrowing our entire system: Mike Gonzalez
For the Good of the Country, the Democrats Must Accept a Drubbing: RS
Trump Bans Federal Funding of Far-Left Anti-American ‘Critical Race Theory’: Ryan Saavedra

This “Revolution” Is Just Getting Started – It Will Likely Not End In November: And
History Shows Us Where the #ThugsForBiden Are Heading: SDA
Biden: 'A Black Man Invented the Light Bulb, Not a White Guy Named Edison': Penny Starr

Biden, Pelosi, and Cuomo: The Elites War On America: Jeffrey Lord
Donald Trump Saved Kenosha. Period.: Scott Walker
Rick Snyder's itchin' for a sniffin': Jen Kuznicki


Drain the Swamp, Or Be Drowned By It: Conrad Black
COVID-19 Power Trips of Leftist Politicians, Teachers Unions Must Stop: Bob Wickers
Salon Owner Stands up to Power: Pelosi Owes Entire Country Apology: Joel B. Pollak

Scandal Central

Summary of Critical Race Theory Investigations: Christopher F. Rufo
The Coming Coup: Michael Anton
New images show Antifa activist lying in wait before fatal shooting of pro-Trump demonstrator: Daily Mail


The Latest Garbage Hit Piece On Trump Begins to Fall Apart as Verifiable Counter Evidence Emerges: RS
NBA viewers flee as the league turns “too political,” poll finds: Peter Heck
What It’s Like Getting Censored on YouTube: AwakenWithJP

Peter Strzok Talks To Anne Applebaum. Hilarity Ensues.: MIH
Bolton Denies Anonymous Rumors in 'The Atlantic': 'I Was There'... 'I Didn't Hear That': Joel B. Pollak
WH’s Kayleigh McEnany Wipes the Floor with The Atlantic Over ‘Fake News’ ‘Propaganda’: Curtis Houck


Iran Caught Stockpiling Enriched Uranium Needed for Bomb: Adam Kredo
France foils ‘at least 6’ jihad attacks in recent months, threat remains high: JihadWatch
Germany wades into the Indo-Pacific fray: AT

Trump Hails 'Major Breakthrough' as Serbia, Kosovo Normalize Economic Ties: Max
India outflanks China, puts talks back on table: AT
Swedish 11-year-old Assaulted in Multicultural Malmö for Crucifix Necklace: Chris Tomlinson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Good news and bad news on COVID-19 vaccines: Cassidy Morrison
The icy Erebus Mountains near where Starship will land on Mars: Robert Zimmerman
Why experts are overwhelmingly skeptical of online voting: Ars Technica


Not This Year: MOTUS
Going Down?: Stilton’s Place
The Hairdryer Rebellion of 2020: Diogenes

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Anonymous said...

Trump's instinct was absolutely correct to open the Country up at Easter. Instead, Pelosi's RATS wrestled the American people to the ground, put their knees on our throats and made us their mask slaves. Rules for us, and not for them.
Tear off your masks people, dRATS are feeding off of your misery.