Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Hunter Biden Received Millions From Russians, Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking

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Hunter Biden Received Millions From Russians, Tied To Trafficking and Chinese: Saavedra
Democrats Threaten to Burn Down the Republic to Stack the Supreme Court: Ben Shapiro
White Privilege, Language and Thought: Walter E. Williams

Absolutely Perfect – Florida Governor Introduces “Law Enforcement Protection Act”: CTH
President Trump holds ‘Great American Comeback’ event in Pennsylvania: Breaking 911
Dems Unfairly Criticize Trump's COVID Response for Political Points: Jesse Grady

FDR’s Court-Packing Attempt: Mark Hyman
Nomination in the shadow of Kavanaugh, Ginsburg, and Garland: W. James Antle III
Watchdog Finds 350,000 Dead Registrants on Voter Rolls In 42 States: Joe Schoffstall

Trump Signs Order to Combat Critical Race Theory Training by Federal Contractors: NTD
Biden Won’t Say Whether He Opposes Court Packing: Graham Piro
America’s Socialist/Fascist Party = No Peace!: Simona Pipko


USA cost to go without fossil fuels:$163,636 per household: Anthony Watts
Bad Policies Fuel Fires: John Stossel
TikTok deal will bring 25,000 jobs to Texas if approved: Trump: Evie Fordham

Scandal Central

Senate Report Details Hunter Biden’s Extensive Foreign Business Dealings: Jack Crowe
A year after impeachment, Hunter Biden's Ukraine activities come home to roost: John Solomon
Did Bloomberg Commit Crime In Paying Debts Of Black and Hispanic Ex-Felons To Allow Them To Vote?: Turley

Cheat-by-Mail, Wisconsin: Ruling Says Ballots Will Be Counted Without 'Definitive' Postmarks: Joel B. Pollak
Ricin suspect was a “solution finder” — used the hashtag killTrump: M. Dowling
Like the Soviets, Black Lives Matter Purges Its History: Andrew Olivastro


Kyle Rittenhouse - The Truth in 11 Minutes: #FightBack
Over 100 Rabbis Call for Amazon to End Reliance on Southern Poverty Law Center: Tony Perkins
ESPN host claims 'extreme right-wing agitators' carrying out violence 'to make protests look bad': Breck Dumas

Dear Berggruen Institute, Nicolas Berggruen and Nathan Gardels: Renounce Death Threats Now: Ryan P. Williams
NYT Discovered Antifa Harassing Suburbs, Even Threatening to Burn Down Couple’s Home: RS
ABC Town Hall Masquerades Anti-Trump Activists as ‘Uncommitted’ Voters: Collin Anderson


Senate Dems Block Intel Hearing on Chinese, Russian Election Interference: Adam Kredo
Editor Of Saudi Daily: Normalization With Israel Is The Arabs' Only Option: MEMRI
Air Force to Test Weapons Swarming Software in October: Rachel S. Cohen

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

CDC Abruptly Drops Guidance Saying Virus Spreads Through Air: Edwin Mora
Big Tech Prepares the Public for a Rigged Election: Allum Bokhari
Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Physician‐Dietitian Collaboration: Nutrition in Clinical Practice


Of Cheese Heads** and Socialists: MOTUS
Wish Vigorously For At Least 20 Seconds: Stilton’s Place
If You Want to See the Real Difference Between Republicans and Democrats, Watch This Video: RS

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