Sunday, September 27, 2020

OCTOBER SURPRISE ACCELERATED: @NYTimes Trump Tax Return Lies Melting Faster Than an Ice Cream Cone in Jerry Nadler's Pants

Saving you the time of an exhausting New Marxist Times article that plainly admits it has no idea about the completeness or accuracy of its reporting...

The Times has a breaking, must-read scoop! They somehow -- and illegally -- obtained some of the President's tax returns, and they show... well, the Times doesn't really understand complex tax returns, so they make it up! Trump paid no taxes!

The reason the October surprise was moved up to September? Two reasons: (a) they're afraid of indictments resulting from the Obama-Biden administration's coup attempt; and (b) they want to drip out the story, with each revelation sending Howard Kurtz into a romantic rapture.

The New York Times has obtained tax-return data extending over more than two decades for Mr. Trump and the hundreds of companies that make up his business organization, including detailed information from his first two years in office... This article offers an overview of The Times’s findings; additional articles will be published in the coming weeks.

With all that said, the Holocaust-denying New York Times leaves this caveat:

By their very nature, the filings will leave many questions unanswered, many questioners unfulfilled. They comprise information that Mr. Trump has disclosed to the I.R.S., not the findings of an independent financial examination. They report that Mr. Trump owns hundreds of millions of dollars in valuable assets, but they do not reveal his true wealth. Nor do they reveal any previously unreported connections to Russia.

Russia? Yes, folks, they're still going with the pee-pee tape hoax, even when we know that their chief collusion "Dossier" source was a Russian spy.

I'll predict the following:

The documents will be shown to be either inaccurate, incomplete, fictional or all of the above. We'd expect nothing less from the Holocaust-denying, Pee-Pee Tape hoaxers at the New York Times.


Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.


The Gipper Lives said...

In addition to the billions in business the President has foregone just to serve, and the $399,999.00 yearly he voluntarily contributes to the Treasury, the President is also paying a Cuomo/di Blasio New York Shithole Tax. They scribble Black Supremacist bumper sticker slogans on his street and make New York unlivable for all except parasites, empowered criminals, the mentally-ill and Democrats–but I repeat myself–while New York property owners see their assets melt away in Weimar-on-the-Hudson.

I would rather see Putin's taxes to see how he wrote off the Clintons and Bidens he owns.

KellyJ said...

If their were anything fishy in Trump's Tax Returns, Lois Lerner would have leaked those out 5 years ago.

theo moore said...

Earlier today a question came up about the Ohio election by mail-fraud arose. The matter here being that the election results for Ohio would be held for 11 days after the close of polling. Which... happens to be a day after they're required to appoint the electors for President pursuant to 3 USC 1.

That is, the Ohio election for Presidential Electors would not be complete until the day after the Presidential Electors are required to be appointed. Which is bizarre in the best of times, and highly curious at present. Especially as, per 3 USC 2, that if the elections haven't appointed electors on that date, that the legislature of Ohio has, by whatever bills they've passed, set some method to appoint the electors. Or, in the absence of prior statute, the legislature just appoints them.

So... What are the laws in Ohio with respect to this and how do they get off completing the election the day after it's too late to complete it? The law on appointing Presidential Electors in Ohio is given by Title XXXV 3505.39. The Ohio SecState appoints them immediately after the 'canvass of election returns' completes. If there are any absences when their Presidential Electors meet to vote, then the Electors vote new electors in; which is uninteresting here. What is interesting, is that there is absolutely no legislation in Ohio on what to do if the 'canvass of election returns' doesn't complete in time. And what the hell is a 'canvass of election returns'?

That's given by Title XXXV 3505.32. And all that means is that they've tallied up the polling results, patted it on the butt and called it good. And this is where it all gets stupid.

The canvass is not allowed to begin any earlier than the 11th day *after* the polls close and no later than the 15th day *after* the polls close. And it is not complete until 81 days after the polls close. Which is, uh, way too late for the Electoral College. And this section of Ohio law provides that the Ohio SecState may deem the canvass for Presidential Electors complete *earlier* than the 81 day limit if needed for complying with 3 USC 1. That sounds all fine and dandy.

HOWEVER. The canvass is not permitted to start until 11 days after the polls close. Which is where the 11 day matter that originally prompted this question comes from. That's just the statute. But 3 USC 1 requires that the canvass is *complete* and the Presidential Electors appointed, 7 days after the polls close. This is a bit of a problem. The Sec State can hardly call complete a canvass that has yet to have started. And so as there is no statute on appointing the Presidential Electors otherwise, it's just up to the Ohio Legislature to vote on who they want the electors to be.

Of some amusement, 3505.32 was last ammended in 2010. So Ohio has now had 2 Presidential elections where, by State law, the voters had nothing to do with voting for the Presidential Electors Which is more than a little bizarre. And the same will be true in this election as well. It is, to put it mildly, a complete sham.

I have no idea what the partisan make up of the Ohio legislature is, nor do I care. And I have no idea if they actually chose the electors lawfully in the last 2 elections, or if the Secretary of State of Ohio violated the law and completed the canvass before it started in the last 2 elections.

But what a box of stupid. Truly, we have the dumbest political class in the world.

SabaShimon said...

Never has the adage “keep your powder dry” been more appropriate.

MichiganCPA said...

His personal tax returns do not show value of his assets or when his debt is due. They do not show how much he owes lenders or who they are. They do not show cash flow information. They do not show book losses or income. His federal disclosure forms that he files annually, are a treasure trove of financial information, if somebody really wanted to do the hard work.