Monday, September 21, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: RED ALERT: Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote Issues Election Warning

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Seamless Neck Gaiter Headwrap
RED ALERT: Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote Issues Election Warning: CTH
7 Things to Know About Upcoming Supreme Court Process, Picks: Katrina Trinko
President Trump Talks to Mark Levin: CTH

Confirm a Justice Now: Michael Anton
Is Anyone Else Puzzled Over What Joe Biden Did the Day After RBG's Passing?: Matt Vespa
The Biden Hoax: J. Robert Smith

Americans Know What Time It Is: Roger Kimball
Biden is the Real Hypocrite on Supreme Court Justice Nominations: Xavier Schafer
BLM Leaders In Their Own Words: MB

Trump’s Rally Tribute to Ginsburg Is About as Classy as It Gets: RS
If U.S. Election Winds Up In Supreme Court, Ginsburg’s Death Will Loom Large: Joseph Ax
Democrats' Armageddon option: Mike Allen

Ginsburg's Death and the Dangerous Politics Ahead: Charles Lipson
In New York City, The GOP Makes A Stand For Law And Order: David Marcus
In defense of the Electoral College: Matt Mayer

Scandal Central

Mark Levin rips Democrat threats to pack SCOTUS: This is a party that is following a 'Stalinist model': Michael Lee
AOC Wants to ‘Make One Thing Clear to You’ About RBG’s Death: ‘Let This Moment Radicalize You’: RS
Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home targeted in Supreme Court vacancy protest: Dom Calicchio

Remarkable, and Revealing, Interview With SSCI Chairman Marco Rubio: CTH
Questions the mainstream media needs to be asking Biden: John Ruberry
The Weiner Laptop Emerges Again: FBI Agent Speaks: Tracy Beanz


The Soros Cover-Up: Newt Gingrich
UFC Fighter After Victory: ‘If You Thought That Was A Beating’ Wait Till Trump ‘Landslide’ Over Biden: Ryan Saavedra
History Is on the Side of Republicans Filling a Supreme Court Vacancy in 2020: Dan McLaughlin (8/7/20)

Jim Jordan: Comey testimony is 'key' to unwrapping Russia investigation 'cover-up': Mica Soellner
Antifa Wants to ‘Overthrow Our Government,’ Terrorism Expert Says: Virginia Allen
Nancy Pelosi's Reign of Error: Jay Cost


GOP Report Shows Extent of Chinese Communist Party‘s COVID-19 Coverup : Kristina Wong
Why Trump’s Mideast Peace Deals Matter: David Harsanyi
Sunday Talks – Secretary Mike Pompeo Discusses Expanded Israeli Peace Agreements in Mideast: CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Don't fall for simplistic claims about wildfires and global warming: Examiner
Epidemiologists uncertain whether long-feared autumn second wave of COVID-19 will materialize: David Hogberg
Why isn't Big Tech fixing healthcare?: Elise Amez-Droz


Honest Election Ads: Cube
Let’s take our minds off impending civil war by watching a hippo eat a watermelon: Not the Bee
Ruthless: Stilton’s Place

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