Monday, September 07, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: #ThugsForBiden are now censoring free speech through violence

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#ThugsForBiden are now censoring free speech through violence: SDA
Want More Racism? Black Lives Matter Is How You Get More Racism: I&I
In the Name of “Safety”, Detroit Judge Bans Cops From Using Anything But Firearms: RS

Surveillance video captures truck dumping bags of mail in Cali parking lot: Emma Colton
Numerous Illegal Aliens Charged With 2016 Vote Fraud In North Carolina: Breaking911
Black man "livid" after BLM rioters torch his business despite "black owned" sign: Peter Heck

Rochester, Riots, and Deconstructing the Racist Revolution: Larry Schweikart
Portland police declare riot; dozens arrested on 100th night of protests: Mica Soellner
SF gym owners livid after finding gyms in govt. buildings have been open for months: Exam

Evidence piles up: Atlantic story about Trump and troops was organized smear: Thinker
The Media Are Lying About The Election Again: Mollie Hemingway
President Trump Gives Endorsement To House Candidate Kimberly Klacik: OAN


Central Planning for America’s Suburbs: Rachel Bovard
Andrew Cuomo faces class action lawsuit by New York wedding venues: TSJ
White Professor Who Tried to Pass as Black Suspended From George Washington U.: Rick Moran

Scandal Central

There Never Was a “Woods File” Underpinning The Carter Page FISA Application – Here’s How We Know: CTH
CBS Interviews Peter Strzok To Set Defensive Narrative: CTH
Strzok claim about Russia investigation origins contradicted by Mueller and DOJ I.G.: Jerry Dunleavy

Biden Bombshell: New Documentary Explores ‘The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets’: Hannity
Sunday Talks – Trey Gowdy Doesn’t Foresee DOJ Probe Delivering any Legal Accountability for FBI Misconduct: CTH
State Dept. Records Confirm Ukraine Embassy Was Spying On Journalists, Trump Supporters: Sara Carter


An observation on people outside of the Beltway political establishment: Jeff Goldstein
Why is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel spinning about riots in Kenosha?: John Ruberry
Why Reagan’s Call to Conservatism Needs to Be Heard Again Today: Kay C. James

Why The Atlantic’s smear on the president as disrespectful of fallen soldiers does not hold up.: Michael Anton
The Stunning Synergy of The Atlantic's Anonymous Attack on Trump: Joel B. Pollak
The Hotfoot Serenades: BattleSwarm


Gordon Chang: China Seems ‘to Be Favoring Joe Biden‘ in Presidential Election: Trent Baker
Exclusive: Leaked meeting notes show Boris Johnson said Trump was 'making America great again': Telegraph
The UN and EU's Silence on Iran's "Shocking Human Rights Violations": Majid Rafizadeh

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Polio outbreaks in Africa caused by mutation of strain in vaccine: Edna Mohamed
Bill Gates says Tesla Semi and electric airplanes will ‘probably never’ work: Electrek
Review: Oura Ring: WIRED


We Found the Video Of President Trump Talking About Wounded Soldiers: Mark Simone
Labor Day, 2020: MOTUS
Update – Mandy Nagy 6 years later: William A. Jacobson


Deserttrek said...

Amazing that espn actually played or posted that. They are as far left and anti American as cnn or msnbc

Anonymous said...

With the revelation that Big Mike wanted to push zerO out a window we should consider what Carmello (George) will do to her Lennie as they look over the White House garden.
But then I remember, Joe Biden will never be President.