Sunday, September 20, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The left threatens death, destruction, and fire if POTUS fills the open SCOTUS seat

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Left threatens death, destruction, and fire if POTUS fills SCOTUS seat: Monica Showalter
A Republican Party That Won’t Fill Ginsburg’s Seat Will Die, and It Will Have Deserved It: RS
Trump says his SCOTUS pick to replace Ginsburg will be a woman: Haley Victory Smith

Biden stiffed local media in campaign visit to Duluth, Minnesota yesterday: Thomas Lifson
Minneapolis PD To Business Owners: Reinforcements Aren’t On The Way: Jazz Shaw
Democrats nervous lukewarm Biden reception in Minnesota bodes well for Trump: Naomi Lim

The GOP Senate Damn Well Better Confirm Whoever POTUS Appoints: Kurt Schlichter
The Fight Over SCOTUS Will Determine The Future Of The 2nd Amendment: Cam Edwards
Ginsburg 2016: ‘Nothing In Constitution’ Prevents Final Year SCOTUS Picks: Scott Morefield

Democrats Dreading The Debates — And Biden’s Fact-Checking Abilities: Ed Morrissey
In Biden’s Own Words: “There Is No Biden Rule, It Doesn’t Exist.”: Karen Townsend
Here's What RBG Said About Filling a SCOTUS Vacancy in an Election Year: Matt Margolis


President Trump Delivering on Promise to Lower Rx Drugs: Gil Gutknecht
British FT Admits China is Using Calls for Climate Justice to Advance Their Economy: Eric Worrall
The Biden campaign is so out of touch...: Run With It

Scandal Central

Package containing deadly ricin addressed to Trump intercepted: Report: Daniel Chaitin
Man accused of raping young girl released from jail after help from Kamela Harris bail fund: Emma Colton
Joe Biden spent decades warning of voter fraud — now called a myth by Dems: Jon Levine

‘October Surprise’: New details emerge about FBI delay on Weiner laptop in 2016: Jerry Dunleavy
Book: FBI Agent on Sex Crimes Unit Found Hillary Clinton Emails: Jason Devaney
Wray Is Wrong as FBI Director: Jeff Crouere


Scalia's Grave-Dancers Deserve a Harsh Verdict: Stephen L. Carter (2/14/16)
Not a single human being on Planet Earth believes that this actually happened: Not The Bee
ABC Reporter Says Covering Trump's Vegas Rally Was Like...Fallujah? Marine Begs to Differ: Victoria Taft

Flashback: Timeline of Democrats’ Brutal Attacks On Brett Kavanaugh: LI
Further Lamentations Of Unstable Leftist Women: David Thompson
US election: Data guru Bela Stantic reveals Donald Trump is on track to win again: Sam Clench


Trump administration to reimpose sanctions on Iran: John Solomon
Trump takes a step toward peace in the Middle East, and somehow, that's horrible?: Jon Gabriel
Iran said refraining from attack on US, fearing it could help Trump’s reelection: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

China lab leak infects thousands with bacterial disease: ST
“Return To Eden” by Marijn Poels, Now Free Online: Charles Rotter
A New Cold Record set at International Falls: Should we be surprised?: David Archibald


I was raped by whoever Trump picks to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court: Sondra Chou
Build The Wall. Part II: MOTUS
IDF Chief Cantor Sings "Unetanneh Tokef": IDF


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MMinLamesa said...

I can't believe I'm writing this but from Hugh Hewitt's lips to Cory Gardener's ears. And WTF is up with Mitt Romney? Is there any more of a small dick, butt hurt scold EVER? Did I really go to a Romney/Ryan rally and cheer these AHs?