Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Breaking: How Hillary introduced Americans to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax

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American Ingrate: Ilhan Omar and the Progressive-Islamist Takeover of the Democratic Party
Breaking: How Hillary introduced Americans to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax: M. Dowling
Flynn lawyer to judge: I asked Trump not to pardon his Gen. Flynn: John Solomon
Colonizing Trump country: Don Surber

Trump Must Confront Biden on Democrats’ Election Interference Plans: Julie Kelly
This Week in Democrat Voting Fraud for September 29, 2020: BattleSwarm
2000 Bush v. Gore Lawyer Exposes 'Underworld' of 'Ballots and Forgeries': Tyler O’Neil

Why won’t Joe Biden take a stand against court-packing?: Kaylee McGhee
6 Highlights From Trump-Biden Debate: Fred Lucas
HBCU Delaware State denies Biden was a student after claim he ‘started’ there: Lee Brown

Parallels Between the Election of 1876 and 2020?: Lewis Morris
American Jews should reject Joe Biden: JPost
Trump’s ban on diversity training sends tech companies scrambling: Emily Birnbaum


Chamber of Commerce’s Political Chief Resigns After Democrat Endorsements: John Binder
Hunter Biden's Business Partners Invested in Failed Fisker Automotive: Joel B. Pollak
Disney Will Lay Off 28,000 Employees As California Governor Refuses To Provide Reopening Guidelines: RS

EPA Chief To Newsom: You Don’t Have The Power To Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles, Champ: Ed Morrissey
The Only Thing Systemic Is the Destruction of America: Jim Quinn
In 2019 Household Income Increased More Than Any Time Over Obama’s 8 Years: GWP

Scandal Central

DNI Ratcliffe Documents: Clinton Campaign Intent to Create Russian Conspiracy Narrative July 2016: CTH
US Intel Flagged Alleged Clinton Campaign Plan To Link Trump To Russian Hacking, Intel Chief Says: Chuck Ross
'Locked safes, lost keys': Richard Grenell details 'crazy' excuses about classified reports: Daniel Chaitin

Sidney Powell Discusses Today’s Flynn Persecution Hearing With Lou Dobbs: CTH
Private eyes believably attest to Democratic voting fraud in Texas: Quin Hillyer
N.Y. Officials Address Absentee Ballot Mishaps: OAN


Chris Wallace Faces Intense Backlash, Including From Colleagues, Over Bias During Debate: Ryan Saavedra
Biden speechless as Trump challenges him to name one police group that supports him: Mike Brest
'Hot mess, inside a dumpster fire': CNN offers bleak assessment of first Trump-Biden debate: Mike Brest

Media Gunning For Scott Atlas Because He Keeps Exposing Coronavirus Lies: Joy Pullmann
Meet a Secret Trump Voter: Hot Air
Your Obligatory Trump-Biden Debate Post: BattleSwarm

Trump campaign publishes "17 Questions Joe Biden Must Answer in the Debate" and hooo boy: Not The Bee
Tucker: ACB 'Represents Everything That Made This a Great Country', Thus Democrats 'Despise Her': Not The Bee
“Rep.” Pressley: 'Roots of police are Inextricably Linked to Antebellum Slave Patrols of the South’: Hannity


Washington Post: China Is Becoming More Like North Korea (More Communism, Less Freedom): John Sexton
Biden Lies Again About Trump’s Push for Coronavirus Inspectors in China: Yuichiro Kakutani
The Navy still has no idea why a sailor committed a mass shooting at Pearl Harbor: Christie Wilson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Flu Vaccination Is More Important Than Ever This Year: Henry I. Miller
Four graphs prove the utter failure of lockdowns and masks: Robert Zimmerman
Critical minerals and nuclear energy are key to House GOP strategy to combat China: Abby Smith


Here’s How Joe Biden Is Cheating (And It’s Not a Teleprompter): League of Power
Portland Mugshots: 30 Arrested Following Saturday's Protests: Hannah Bleau
A Normie Frees Herself from the Matrix: SDA

Participation Trophies For Everyone: MOTUS
Par for the Discourse: Stilton’s Place
WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Chair Participated in Occult Magic: Edmund Koziak (2016)


Anonymous said...

Joe Biden connected the dots for me last night when he said the poor economy was Trumps's economy, and that the riots were Trumps riots. The Democrats have created or taken the events of the year to use against America, to ruin People, Businesses, and the Country to take power and administer the largesse awaiting them. Their only plan for ruined cities are massive government bailouts and the embrace of global warming and the green new deal. Jay Inslee is in on it and so are the rest of the Democrat Governors, they want their seat in the Biden Administration and piece of the pie.
America is being gas lighted by the Democrat Party. If ever there was a time to fight to not be aborted as a people it is now. The RATS are masters at parting out what they kill, may they only destroy themselves.

commoncents said...

Get your Trump-Pence-MAGA SWAG right here!