Thursday, September 03, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: D.C. Mayor Considers Removing Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial

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D.C. Mayor Considers Removing Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial: Tyler O’Neil
Democrats Mistake Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ for Instruction Manual: Brian Cates
GOP A.G.s Condemn Riots After ‘100 Days Of Liberal Lawlessness’: Jordan Davidson

Biden confuses basic facts in incoherent press conference: Libby Emmons
Pelosi says salon owes her an apology for 'setup': Anthony Leonardi
Portland Rioter Murders 2 a Week After D.A. Freed Him: Stephen Green

Black Conservative Trump Supporters Bust the BLM for Their Real Agenda: RS
Salon Owner Now Targeted by Nancy Pelosi Hate Mob: CTH
Trump orders review to defund NYC, other ‘anarchist’ cities: Steven Nelson

Joe Biden and the Dark Shadow of Woodrow Wilson: Jeffrey Lord
Texas Supremes nix County plan to send mail-in ballot apps to all voters: Alison Medley
Barr: mass mail-in voting jeopardizes public confidence in election: Anthony Leonardi


Deficit to triple to $3.3 trillion: Congressional Budget Office: Jay Heflin
US Chamber Merges Policy With Big Labor Unions to Support $15/Hr. Minimum Wage: CTH
Judge bars University of California from all use of SAT, ACT scores in admissions: SF Chronicle

The Branch DeBlasions: SDA
Warning sign: Hiring in high-wage industries plummets: Nihal Krishan
Stock markets hit record highs amid good news on coronavirus treatment: Cassidy Morrison

Scandal Central

Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud FBI Interview Notes Released: CTH
John Brennan Transmits His Durham Briefing to the Coup Crew: CTH
The Troubling Inspirations of Black Lives Matter, the '1619 Project' and Much Else in Woke America: John Murawski

Judge Rules 50,000 Iowa Absentee Ballot Applications Invalid: Rick Moran
Doug Truax Interviews Richard Grenell About His RNC Speech Outlining Trump Surveillance: CTH
Barr says Durham investigation won't disrupt 2020 election: Jerry Dunleavy


President: CNN’s Cuomo, MSNBC’s Reid Should Be Fired For Sexist, Islamophobic Comments: OANN
Tucker Carlson Decimated the NBA In the Ratings and It’s Not Even Close: Brandon Morse
Paul Krugman Gets Epic Dunking After Saying ‘Urban Anarchy’ Is a Myth Because His Neighborhood Is Safe: RS

Liberals Say President Trump is “Mean,” But Joe Biden Supports 4th Trimester Abortions: LifeNews
Politifact Lies Again About Biden Raising Taxes: John Nolte
DING DING DING: the full Trump-Biden debate schedule is out: NTB


#MeToo AWOL as China’s Wages a Horrifying War on Uighur Women: NRO
Esper makes China unspoken threat to international order in V-J Day ceremony: Abraham Mahshie
BBC journalist sets up anonymous Twitter account to bash Israel: JPost

India steps up scrutiny of Chinese influence group: ST
US tightens restrictions on Chinese diplomats: ST
Finally, an Arab state happy to be seen in the company of Israel: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Virus Is Receding: WSJ
Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Treatment, Actual Usage in the USA: Leo Goldstein
The longest lava tube in the solar system?: Robert Zimmerman


Breaking: Tom Seaver has passed…: TMZ
NBA Ratings In Free Fall After Brief Boycott: Carlos Garcia
Death To America! Now Playing In A City Near You: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

I would like to make another request to you and Biff.

Would you please start the time machine (a.k.a. Photoshop) and give us a preview of what it will look like when Trump awards Pompeo the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Clearly Pompeo deserves it.

And, it will drive the TDS-tards completely bonkers. The powerless wailing will be beautiful to watch.