Sunday, April 17, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Brief: Biden Releases 756K Border Crossers into U.S. Since Taking Office

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 • Brief: Biden Releases 756K Border Crossers into U.S. Since Taking Office John Binder
 • Mexican Cartels Fly 9,000 Drone Flights into U.S. to Surveil Law Enforcement Operations JW
 • Apple CEO Tim Cook Should Register as Chinese Agent: Experts Andrew Thornebrooke
 • Biden's student debt gamble may not pay off with voter enthusiasm Naomi Lim
 • The Pathological Nature of Wokeness Bill Hurrell
 • Hard Day's Night: ISIS 'Beatle' joins who's who of criminals at supermax prison Tori Richards
 • I’m a Proud Member of the Rebel Alliance Clarice Feldman
 • Florida DOE rejects 54 indoctrination textbooks Don Surber
 • 'We have the laptop': GOP investigator boasts of Hunter Biden 'treasure trove' Daniel Chaitin


 • Rule One, Economic Security Is National Security CTH
 • Western US scrambles to secure water supplies as it faces historic drought Breanne Deppisch
 • Biden Organizes Special Summit of ASEAN Leaders in Washington DC, May 12-13 CTH

Scandal Central

 • CIA Bombshell: The Sussmann data was "user created" Techno Fog
 • Latest Durham Filing: FBI WDuped on Sussmann Claims While CIA Tried to Reveal Clinton Schemes CTH
 • The judge in a January 6 case should be disbarred Andrea Widburg


 • Twitter faces the ‘nightmare’ of being forced into free speech Turley
 • Twitter Board of Directors Own Almost No Shares of Stock in Company CTH
 • Free Speech Is A Threat To Democrats Derek Hunter


 • Accounts of Suffering, Starvation Mount in Locked-Down Shanghai Eva Fu
 • Starving Shanghai residents lose confidence in regime as lockdown grinds on Hot Air
 • The Possibility of a Win for Marine Le Pen in France Has EU Worried CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The Battery That Flies DYNUZ
 • CDC Probes Mysterious Outbreak of Hepatitis In Alabama LI
 • How the philosophy of mind and consciousness has affected AI research Ben Dickson


 • He Is Risen CTH
 • Bill Maher On Vaccinated People Wearing Masks: ‘Do You Keep The Condom On After You F***?’ DC
 • Deliver us from evil: Exodus 20-13. MOTUS

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