Monday, April 25, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Prepping the Mind

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 • Prepping the Mind T.L. Davis
 • Hunter Biden Partner Said to Make At Least 19 Visits To Obama White House Luke Lattanzi
 • Documents Show Biden Credit Union Agency Promoted Critical Race Theory Agenda JW
 • Border Democrat slams Biden for listening to 'immigration activists' on Title 42 Max Thornberry
 • School Administrator Forced Out for Questioning Critical Race Theory Maggie Hroncich
 • Beyond California: Band of Thieves Ransack Louis Vuitton Store in Ohio Leslie Eastman
 • House GOP leaders send letter to Mayorkas calling him "unsuitable for office" Karen Townsend
 • NYT offers doxxing bait on Christopher Rufo Thomas Lifson
 • Twitter reportedly in talks with Elon Musk over bid to buy platform for billions TOI


 • Calls for Reparations Are Back, Again. It’s Still a Terrible Idea. Douglas Blair
 • China moves toward control of Solomon Islands Jazz Shaw
 • Minnesota Muslim Charged with Defrauding Child Food Programs Tries Fleeing Country on Stolen Passport KSTP

Scandal Central

 • Dinesh D’Souza Releases New Trailer for 2000 Mules, The Ballot Harvesting Story of the 2020 Election CTH
 • Big Tech censors criticism of Biden more than 600 times: Study Heather Hamilton
 • Sunday Talks, Maria Bartiromo Interviews Ratcliffe About Durham CTH


 • Interventionist Marie Yovanovitch Admits If Trump Won Election, Putin Would Never Have Invaded Ukraine CTH
 • Long Pig Michael Yon
 • Sunday Strip: I'm Melting! Robert W Malone


 • Fires break out at Russian oil storage facilities near Ukraine Victor I. Nava
 • Le Pen concedes as Macron cruises to second term Abigail Adcox
 • Report: Putin has lost interest in Ukraine deal, wants as much territory as possible TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Google accused of ‘creepy’ speech policing RT
 • 'Done with dead kids': Here's how this nonprofit is fighting fentanyl Julia Johnson
 • The Government’s Mask Confusion Doug Badger


 • Spelunky Charms Stilton’s Place
 • Former Senate President Pro Tempore Orrin Hatch Dead At 88 Joe Roberts
 • Muttday: National Towel Day Edition MOTUS

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