Friday, April 29, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: MS-13 Gang Members Flood Across Southern Border

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 • MS-13 Gang Members Flood Across Southern Border OANN
 • Joe Biden Asks Congress for $33 Billion More for Ukraine (i.e., Graft, Corruption, etc.) CTH
 • Guys… I think we just got a Ministry of Truth NTB
 • House Republicans Accuse Homeland Security Chief of ‘Intentional’ Border Crisis Virginia Allen
 • Biden's student debt cancellation plans: Who benefits and who is burdened? Sarah Westwood
 • White House shrugs off student debt cancellation inflation concerns Naomi Lim
 • Former Iranian official: Iran’s nuclear program was military from start Michael Segall
 • Biden just glitched out on live TV again and this time it was really bad NTB
 • VP Harris Receives Drug Usually Reserved for Those at High Risk for ‘Severe COVID’ LI


 • Stagflation Arrives, U.S. Economy Shrinks 1.4 Percent in First Quarter CTH
 • Americans Aren’t Buying Biden’s Tale Of Economic Recovery Kay Smythe
 • HUD Pushes Voter Registration Drives in Public Housing Under Biden’s Executive Order Fred Lucas

Scandal Central

 • White House Organizes Summit With 50 Nations to Discuss Global Censorship Regime Future of the Internet CTH
 • Biden’s Ministry of Truth David Harsanyi
 • White House defends disinformation board: 'I'm not sure who opposes that' Haisten Willis


 • Biden appoints "Disinformation Czar" Jazz Shaw
 • Ex-AG William Barr: Public education replaces God with government Times
 • Ignorance and Apathy: How Biased Left-Wing Media Leads to Widespread Misconceptions Cal Thomas


 • The Auschwitz of the Balkans Tablet
 • Russian state television seems to be grooming people for nuclear war Jazz Shaw
 • Russia strikes Kyiv with missiles while UN chief visits, Biden seeks $33bn for Ukraine Euractive

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Tariff-hungry solar manufacturers try to capitalize on rising anti-China sentiment Jeremy Beaman
 • Researchers test the power of machine learning to unravel long Covid’s mysteries Katie Palmer
 • Study finds seven hours of sleep to be optimal from middle-age onwards Nick Lavars


 • Man finds £130,000 cash inside kitchen cupboards he bought off eBay Metro
 • Skipping On This Friday ~ 1 Woodsterman
 • Schlience Friday: Soylent Green Edition MOTUS

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Average Joe Bro said...

Democrats- we need a ministry of truth!
Republicans- I'll see your ministry of truth and raise you a House Un-American Activities Committee this November.....