Saturday, April 16, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: How Many Senile Democrats Does It Take To Ruin a Country?

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 • How Many Senile Democrats Does It Take To Ruin a Country? Stephen Kruiser
 • Third Migrant Bus Arrives in D.C., Abbott Pledges to Secure the Border Hannity
 • Feds blast Texas for shipping illegal immigrants to D.C. Stephen Dinan
 • Joe Biden is not normal Rich Lowry
 • Biden dazed and confused again, claimed he was a professor at UPenn Karen Townsend
 • Snap: CNN Reports Biden Polling the Worst Ever Recorded in Presidential Polling History CTH
 • Notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger’s nephew had role in Hunter Biden’s Chinese affairs LET
 • Tony Dungy: Troubled Kids Need Better Schools And They Need Fathers Adam B. Coleman
 • Hunter emails reveal Joe Biden was hating on Hillary Clinton Daily Mail


 • WaPo: Inflation about to kill off the great real-estate boom Ed Morrissey
 • Biden Raises Cost Of Domestic Oil Production With New Order On Federal Leases Tristan Justice
 • Poll: Racial and Sexual Curricula in Schools Dividing Americans Eric Lendrum

Scandal Central

 • Twitter Suspends LibsofTikTok For Featuring Liberals Talking About Themselves? Turley
 • Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service on multiple ‘Lolita Express’ flights: Report Douglas Ernst
 • Freedom is Tyranny: Robert Reich Goes Full Orwellian in Anti-Free Speech Screed Turley


 • Twitter Responds to Elon Musk Proposal by Creating Poison Pill CTH
 • Twitter's "poison pill" strategy to thwart Musk Jazz Shaw
 • Quick 🧵 of the wackiest @elonmusk potentially buying Twitter takes Drew Holden


 • Is China Screwed? BattleSwarm
 • A Russian warship in the Black Sea was sunk by Ukrainian missiles, U.S. official says Rachel Treisman
 • Casualties of War Robert Ginzburg

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Roaring and Screaming WUWT
 • DuckDuckGo Search Engine CEO Announces Changes to Internet Search Algorithms to Promote Censorship CTH
 • Military Memo Deepens Mystery of Possible Interstellar Visitor to Earth DNYUZ


 • Meanwhile, Frank James Cube
 • This Week In Pictures, Pooped President Edition Power Line
 • Passover 2022 MOTUS

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