Saturday, April 23, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Tidal Wave Nears Border, but Team Biden Goes Full Steam Ahead

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 • Tidal Wave Nears Border, but Team Biden Goes Full Steam Ahead Jarrett Stepman
 • Biden to Dems: We're ending Title 42 no matter how much you complain Ed Morrissey
 • The deadly cost of illegal aliens in America Andrea Widburg
 • Third world dump politics: Why the hell is Marjorie Taylor Greene on trial? Monica Showalter
 • GOP lawmaker slams 'Lord Fauci' for insinuating he has higher power than legal system Fox
 • Four shot in Washington, DC after gunman unloads several magazines, suspect dead CTH
 • DeSantis Trifecta: New Congressional Map, Disney Slapdown and Stop Woke Education CTH
 • Governor Ron DeSantis Discusses Disney Controversy With Tucker Carlson CTH
 • Suspect in slaughter of Queens mom was in the US illegally, reports say Chris Donaldson


 • IMF Director Warns on COVID Spending Spree, Inflation and Global Food Crisis CTH
 • Red tape: The agencies pursuing major new rules for Biden's green agenda Breanne Deppisch
 • IG report: Baltimore city schools had more than 900 ghost students costing taxpayers $10 million John Sexton

Scandal Central

 • Desperation of Democrats: Trying to Block GA Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Reelection CTH
 • Bill Gates Comes Begging to Elon Musk, Resulting in an Incredible Troll RS
 • Swamp Rats, Slimy Liz Cheney Records Conniving Kevin McCarthy During R.A.T. Coordination Call CTH


 • I’m All For Free Speech, But…: Obama Calls for More Social Media Censorship. DrillDown
 • Obama Fights ‘Online Lies’? Tim Graham
 • American Library Association Picks Self-Proclaimed Marxist as President Kendall Tietz


 • Truth Bombs Surrounding Ukraine Conflict and Status of $4.7 Billion of U.S. Equipment and Aid CTH
 • Could Russia lose the war in Donbas? Spectator
 • US, Chinese diplomats square off on Twitter over human rights, jailed Uyghur AMN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Washington Post: A Chinese lab identified COVID in December 2019 but the government kept it quiet John Sexton
 • The Government’s Mask Confusion Doug Badger
 • Fauci's worst soundbite of the pandemic Hot Air


 • The Week in Pictures: Maskless Edition Power Line
 • Fun Memes For A Fun Friday ~ 2 Woodsterman
 • Caturday: Final Day of Passover Edition MOTUS

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