Saturday, April 30, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Tearing Down the Silicon Valley Wall

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 • Tearing Down the Silicon Valley Wall Victor Davis Hanson
 • 2020 Time Magazine Article Explains Exactly Why The Left Fears Losing Twitter Federalist
 • Democrats are suddenly embracing a congressional stock-trading ban Jazz Shaw
 • ‘60 Minutes’ Enables FBI Dysfunction Adam Mill
 • Report: FBI Corruption Targets Millions of Americans RS
 • The myth of Democrats' demographic destiny is dying Zachary Faria
 • The truth about Biden’s new disinformation tsar Stephen L. Miller
 • Disinformation Campaigns the Ministry of Truth Must Investigate Immediately Swier
 • Are You on the Side of Freedom or Authoritarianism? D. Parker


 • We Saved Diablo Canyon! Shellenberger
 • America Isn’t Responsible For My Student Loans. I Am Shawn Fleetwood
 • Woke Economics Makes Everyone Broke Jeffrey Folks

Scandal Central

 • Wray-Tastic! FBI Conducted Potentially Millions of Searches of Americans’ Data Last Year, Report Says WSJ
 • Hunter laptop emails reveal Joe Biden used code name of famous KGB spy from Tom Clancy novels BPR
 • Giving Carrots to Iran Will Not Alter Its Brutal, Expansionist Plan Majid Rafizadeh


 • Today’s blacklisted American: 15-year-old kills himself after school over vax status Robert Zimmerman
 • Twitter’s ‘chief censor’ making $17M per year could be fired by Elon Musk Ariel Zilber
 • Clash of the titans: Musk spars with AOC on Twitter John Sexton


 • China and Russia's 'Space War': Where Is The US? Judith Bergman
 • Russian propaganda show declares nuclear missile strike in London would would have 'no survivors' Daily Mail
 • U.S., French, U.K. Nuclear Submarines Rendezvous In Scotland Joseph Trevithick

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Beijing tightens COVID restrictions as long holiday begins MedicalXpress
 • Snap takes another stab at hardware with a selfie drone called Pixy Verge
 • This chart might explain why CNN Plus shut down early Verge


 • Bill Burr Goes Off on Cancel Culture Crowder
 • This Week In Pictures Power Line
 • Caturday Prognosticating MOTUS


The Gipper Lives said...

Nina Jankowicz on Twitter: "You can just call me the Mary Poppins of disinformation 💁🏻‍♀️" .......

Super-callous lipstick freak sounds like a Free-Speech hoarder
She thinks the Right to Speak Your Mind is just for Joe's supporters
for Communists and Globalists and New York Times reporters
but not for MAGA patriots, whom she calls Big Distorters

Super-Cali's Mexico, now that we have no Border
But if you even mention it, reported to Headquarters
They've turned our brave Border Patrol into Bellhops and Porters
How come Homeland Security is a Homeland Aborter?

She wouldn't even have a job in Biden's Speech Suppression
Were it not for Voting Fraud in the last so-called "election"
Thanks a lot for Virus/Vaxx and all your Bio-Weapons
$50 billion for Ukraine, for Main Street a Depression

Super-Phallus Bidens screwing children in the showers
Sending Feds to kick down doors in a display of power
Plan Coups and Wars and grift and whore and otherwise deflower
Then send some bitch to Crush the Rights we've had since the Mayflower!

Superfluous singing doofus called Miss Information
Why don't you ban the Big Guy and his verbal constipation?
He hasn't said one true thing yet since crooked Installation
But if you speak his Jabberwock, we'd love an explanation.

commoncents said...

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