Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Leaked DHS Document Reveals Biden's Mass Migration and Invasion Plan

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 • Leaked DHS Document Reveals Biden's Mass Migration and Invasion Plan Randy Clark
 • Laptop from Hell: Ron Klain Asked Hunter for Help Raising $20K… Breitbart
 • Biden’s new budget includes massive tax hike on workers Brad Palumbo
 • Xerxes reappears at the White House, Immediately the Puppet Is Discarded CTH
 • Obama tweets to save face after embarrassing Biden video surfaces Fox
 • Sacramento Mass Shooter Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison in 2018, Paroled in 2021 Over Objections RS


 • Green Fail: Biden Seeks Oil from Canada, Still Won't Restart Keystone XL Joel B. Pollak
 • Kennedy: Biden supporting IMF currency for Russia, Iran, and China Zachary Halaschak
 • EU Commission Triggers Financial Sanctions Against Hungary for Electing Wrong Candidate CTH

Scandal Central

 • Hunter Biden grand jury witness was asked who is the ‘big guy’ in Chinese deal Post
 • Durham Prosecutors Provide Evidence of Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann Lying to FBI CTH
 • Censorship of Hunter Biden's Laptop Confirms Need to Rein in Big Tech or Cease to Be Free People Josh Hammer
 • Durham: Sussmann put his lie to the FBI in writing Jerry Dunleavy
 • Democratic lawyer Sussmann doesn’t want Steele dossier brought up during Durham trial Jerry Dunleavy
 • Biden’s Order on Gender Transitioning Kids Shows Left Is All In on the Culture War Jarrett Stepman


 • Glowing Reviews, Sean Penn and Sean Hannity Team Up to Support U.S. War Against Russia CTH
 • Twitter Announces Elon Musk Appointed to Board of Directors CTH
 • Cancel Culture Helps Marxists Achieve Their Revolution in West Without Bloodshed Mike Gonzalez


 • The Great Russian Energy Scam: Russian 'Dark Money' Funding 'Green' Groups in West Giulio Meotti
 • Thousands of Ukrainians waiting in Tijuana to cross into U.S. Sara Carter
 • Joint Chiefs Chairman, General Mark Milley, Sees Ukraine as a Long-Term Protracted Battle CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • 3D Printed Skin Can Give Robotic Hands a Human Touch Miriam Fauzia
 • Uber adds planes and trains to automobiles in renewed ‘super-app’ push Tim Bradshaw
 • NASA is about to broadcast a message to the universe. Should they? Jazz Shaw


 • The Abner Doubleday Myth Chris Lamb
 • Some Humpday Memes Feral Irishman
 • Biden, Inc. Earl of Taint

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