Friday, April 22, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Mayorkas admits in private what Democrat lawmakers fear about Title 42 invasion

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 • Mayorkas secretly admits what Democrats fear most about Title 42 invasion Karen Townsend
 • Jordan: 'There Are 4.8 Million Reasons' Why Biden Won't Discuss His Family's Wealth Jeff Poor
 • Democracy dies in the darkness Bill Glahn
 • Shocking: Crime rates drop after prosecutor focuses on repeat violent offenders Cam Edwards
 • Secret Service: No idea who visits Biden in Delaware Jazz Shaw
 • 'Shady Trial Lawyer Pipeline' Gives $17.5M to Pro-Democrat PACs Breitbart
 • New York Rally's Transparent Support for Terrorism Ariel Behar
 • Yellen pledges $500 million more in economic aid for Ukraine Victor I. Nava
 • New York congressional maps struck down in mixed ruling Carly Roman
 • Musk Secures $46.5 Billion Funding to Buy Twitter, Says Ready for Tender Offer Emel Akan
 • Done propping up a bully: Kamala Harris' Chief of Staff is leaving John Sexton
 • Defund the Capitol Police Julie Kelly


 • Italy could become the first EU nation with a social credit score TCS
 • Single Payer health care update from the UK: We can’t keep ‘protecting the NHS’ forever Spiked
 • Evanston-Skokie Radical Gender Lessons for Young Children Chrisopher F. Rufo

Scandal Central

 • Newly Obtained Emails Raise Questions About Department Of Defense Involvement In Spygate Margot Cleveland
 • Complaint Alleges Over 300,000 ‘Unverified’ Votes in Fulton County, Georgia in 2020 Matt Margolis
 • Wisconsin 2020 election investigator destroyed 'irrelevant or useless' records Ryan King


 • The New Class Chasm in the Culture Wars Batya Ungar-Sargon
 • Spotify Fires the Obamas PJM
 • Netflix Stock Has Lost 62% This Year R.S. McCain
 • Fake News Lives On and On and On and On John Hinderaker
 • So it looks like Piers Morgan misled everyone about Trump storming off of his show Hot Air
 • Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary says Twitter is 'Dante's hell,' would invest if Musk owned Jenny Goldsberry


 • China or the USA? Pete Hoekstra
 • Russian chemical plant burns down hours after deadly fire at military facility Victor I. Nava
 • Wanted Portuguese man arrested in Chile over Beirut port explosion EuroNews

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Study: California Among Worst States Dealing With COVID-19 John Seiler
 • Biden's selective COVID emergency Haisten Willis
 • Biden Administration Should Lose Its Mask Mandate Appeal Hans von Spakovsky


 • Ted Cruz Obliterates Lefty Yale Student Who Accused Him Of Being Racist Steve Watson
 • A Gun-Grabber Arms Civilians Earl of Taint
 • A Rocky Spring MOTUS

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