Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Convicted child rapist nabbed for assault after lax sentence from Ketanji Brown Jackson

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 • Judge Jackson’s Appalling Record in Child Porn and Child Sex Torture Sentences Signal
 • Convicted child rapist nabbed for assault after lax sentence from KBJ Samuel Chamberlain
 • Collins, Romney and Murkowski All Affirm Their Vote to Support Ketanji Brown-Jackson CTH
 • Trump slams Biden administration on its bizarre transgender policies Patrick Reilly
 • 3 States Sue Biden Administration Over Ending COVID-19 Restrictions at Border Jennie Taer
 • Historian Explains How 6 Presidents Fought Washington Swamp Fred Lucas
 • Biden Doubles Down on Radical 'Gender-Affirming Care' for Kids Jay Richards
 • BLM purchased $6 million Los Angeles mansion with donor money: Report Andrew Kerr
 • Mitt Romney Just Painted His Mona Lisa of Political Cowardice RS


 • No, Biden, US Inflation Rose Long Before Putin’s Invasion Peter St. Onge
 • Sri Lanka Inflation and Food Crisis Results in Widespread Social Chaos CTH
 • Elon Musk slams corporatist moralism of ESG pushed by World Economic Forum PM

Scandal Central

 • In 2021, the DOJ had an operating budget of $43 billion… and the DOJ is a swamp. Jeff Carlson
 • 'Big guy' reemerges in Hunter Biden grand jury: Report Daniel Chaitin
 • Investigating Hunter Biden Records, Senator Grassley Says More Details Coming This Week CTH


 • From Media Bias to Big Tech Censorship, Brent Bozell Exposes the Left's Misdeeds Rob Bluey
 • Recuse Yourself, Joe Biden David Harsanyi
 • Kaboom: Doocy Asks Psaki If the WH Supports Kindergartners Learning Sex Ed Curtis Houck
 • Why the Sudden Hunter Biden Epiphany at Washington Post? Tim Graham
 • How Musk could use the free-speech leverage granted by his Twitter stock buy Zachary Halaschak
 • CNN, NYT: China playing both sides against the middle on Russia Ed Morrissey


 • During Victory Speech Hungarian Prime Minister Orban Warns West About Zelenskyy Role In New World Order CTH
 • Ukraine war: Satellite photos appear to contradict Russian denials over Bucha atrocities Alasdair Sandford
 • Multiple European countries expel Russian diplomats Jazz Shaw

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • State Dept Launch New Division to “Support U.S. Values Associated With Cyberspace” CTH
 • Attn: Democrats! We are not in reality about "trans kids." Laura Wiley Haynes
 • A New Disaster is Unfolding in Chernobyl Ed Sherdlu


 • Inside the $6million Secret Service Malibu crash pad for Hunter Biden Daily Mail
 • Libturds For A Tuesday Morning Woodsterman
 • That Old Black Magic Is Back MOTUS

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