Sunday, December 04, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Comer: Every Twitter Employee Involved in Biden Story Censorship Will Testify Before Congress

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 • Comer: Every Twitter Employee Involved in Biden Story Censorship Will Testify Before Congress Breitbart
 • Jordan: Big Tech Censorship Proves The Left No Longer Believes In The First Amendment FNR
 • GOP rep. vows to bring Twitter staffers before Congress over Hunter Biden laptop suppression Daily Mail
 • The Media Undertakers Must be Getting Exhausted Clarice Feldman
 • Kevin McCarthy Gets It Right on Communist China Protests AmGreatness
 • Dear Establishment GOP: If You Won’t Step Up To Challenge Of Saving Our Nation, Step Down Jordan Boyd
 • Why You Should Only Riot on Behalf of Your Rulers MB
 • Philadelphia approves "permanent" 10 pm curfew Jazz Shaw
 • Trump commits political suicide David Strom


 • They're literally selling suicide in single-payer Canada Kevin Yuill
 • Study: Hey, these offshore wind farms aren't good for the ecosystem Jazz Shaw
 • Baby formula shortages persist months after Biden scramble for fixes DNC Today

Scandal Central

 • The New Nazis IndSent
 • The Armageddon of Free Speech S.R. Piccoli
 • The Twitter Files and the FBI [$] Techno Fog


 • Parrots disguised as journalists attack Matt Taibbi for reporting news Twitchy
 • Charles Payne can’t help but notice lib media might be in the process of covering up the cover-up Twitchy
 • Disney’s progressive ‘Strange World’ cartoon flops with disastrous $18M opening on a $180M budget Carter


 • Biden Administration Turns a Blind Eye to Iranian Regime's Brutal Crackdown Majid Rafizadeh
 • If Ukraine Wants U.S. Aid, It Needs to Come to the Bargaining Table Fred Fleitz
 • Is Xi losing control of China’s zero Covid protests? Charles Parton

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Scientist who worked at Wuhan lab says COVID was man-made virus Isabel Vincent
 • Former Eco-Health VP Says “Greedy Scientists Killed Millions” IndSent
 • Kids Don’t Want Cash Anymore–They Want ‘Robux’ [$] WSJ


 • A Win For Ukraine Against Russia Means Trouble For China And North Korea Robert Kelly
 • Bidenomics leads to NYT strike Don Surber
 • All Hail Elon Musk for Revealing ‘The Twitter Papers’ New English Review

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Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is an illegitimate president who committed fraud to win the election. Thus, his nominee and now associate Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is illegitimate! They all must resign or be ousted and tried for treason.