Monday, December 05, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Growing number of GOP leaders, elected officials: it's time for a change in RNC leadership

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 • Growing number of GOP leaders, elected officials: it's time for a change in RNC leadership Charlotte Hazard
 • Elon Musk says risk of his assassination is ‘quite significant’ Natalie Brown
 • Lightfoot's Chicago: Over 3,200 Shot January Through November 2022 Breitbart
 • Ex-Intel Officials Who Blamed Biden Laptop Story on Russia Now Silent Kristina Wong
 • Censorship by surrogate: Why Musk’s document dump could be a game changer Turley
 • The Trumpification of Elon Musk J. Peder Zane
 • What Democrats Are Trying to Pass Before Their House Majority Ends Jarrett Stepman
 • Eric Holder suggests trading Hunter Biden arrest for Trump arrest CTH
 • Report, Harmeet Dhillon Will Challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair CTH


 • Former EPA Official: Americans Need to Prepare Now For Blackouts Sandy Fitzgerald
 • A Hard Winter Looms for Americans’ Energy Bills and Wallets. Blame Biden. Paxton Wagner, Katie Tubb
 • The #2 Pencil Outsmarts The Entire Progressive Movement Doug Ross Substack

Scandal Central

 • Beyond Twitter: Govt Influence Over Social Media Influence and the Surveillance State CTH
 • CEO of Balenciaga Firm Owns Site That Sells Child Sex Mannequins Evie Magazine
 • Dem Rep Ted Lieu Threatens Musk Twitchy


 • Greenwald Drags MSM Journos For 'Hive-Mind' Hackery Over Taibbi-Twitter Bombshell ZH
 • UNACCEPTABLE VIEWS (2022) Full Documentary Citizen Camera
 • Jewish UFC fighter calls out Kanye West's antisemitism: 'If you've got a problem with my people, come see me, bro' Yahoo!


 • Wall Street CEOs funding China’s military and human rights abuses. Here's why Michael Stumo
 • Is The Iranian Regime Starting To Crack? BattleSwarm
 • Elon Musk Should Tell EU Censors to Get Lost David Harsanyi

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Mysterious Attacks on North Carolina Energy Grid Cut Power to Thousands Matt Novak
 • Natural Immunity, mRNA "boosters" and COVID Robert W. Malone, MD
 • OpenAI's new ChatGPT bot: 10 coolest things you can do with it Ax Sharma


 • 450-pound sunfish discovered on N.C. beach; scientists overjoyed FTW
 • Last Pearl Harbor survivors remember "Day of Infamy" DNC Today
 • Awww Monday Woodsterman Style ~ 380A Woodsterman


Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a class action lawsuit filed by every minor (under 18) every time the government spends money we do not have? This is taxation without representation.

commoncents said...

Mauna Loa Eruption, HI - USGS live stream