Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media? [VDH]

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 • How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media? Victor Davis Hanson
 • Twittergate – The Fix Was In Robert Spencer
 • Elon Musk’s Twitter Reckoning Exposes a Nation Dying of Autoimmune Disease John Zmirak
 • 446-page Transcript of Anthony Fauci Deposition Released CTH
 • DOJ pursues unusual case of car shipping price-fixing and extortion Politishmo
 • Chicago: Concealed Carry holder surprises three would-be robbers John Sexton
 • So now people are shooting up power stations? Jazz Shaw
 • Jewish Father and Son Shot with Pellet Gun Outside Kosher Supermarket In Staten Island YWN
 • Michigan: Muslim screams insults at Jewish families at synagogue daycare facility Robert Spencer


 • Climate Change “Professionals” Specify Individual Allowances for Transportation, Food, Clothing CTH
 • Does the ISM Services Index Really Reflect the Real World? Mish Talk
 • Dave Ramsey blasts US universities for promoting online gambling to students and making millions Serah Louis

Scandal Central

 • We are moving toward a Democratic-run police state Mark Levin
 • WSJ: Musk's Twitter files shows real "disinformation" threat is America's former intel leaders Ed Morrissey
 • Elon Musk's next Twitter bombshells could explode social media tyranny Buck Sexton


 • The Twenty-Seven Most Embarrassing Reactions to Taibbi Thread About Twitter Censoring Biden Tweets Caleb Howe
 • NY Times Reporter Stumbles Upon the Truth in Write-up on Media Reax to Musk's 'Twitter Files' Release Sister Toldjah
 • Legacy Media Darling Michael Avenatti Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison For Fraud DC


 • Biden Is Betraying Freedom-loving Protesters in China and Iran Con Coughlin
 • Why The Winter War In Ukraine Will Be A Bloodbath Stavros Atlamazoglou
 • Ask for a Stairlift in Canada, You Might Get Offered Suicide Instead M. Dowling

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • German study: COVID-19 vaccine killing otherwise healthy people David Strom
 • AI and the disintegrating imagination Kit Wilson
 • Predicting gender from retinal photographs using automated deep learning Edward Korot, Nikolas Pontikos, et. al.


 • Steven Salen, Holocaust-survivor tailor who dressed presidents, dies at 103 TOI
 • President Trump Was Correct About the Constitution and Elections – Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Shows Why CTH
 • Oh My . . . It's Libturd Tuesday Again? AM Woodsterman

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