Friday, December 02, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: VDH: If You Really Wanted To Destroy The US, Then…

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 • VDH: If You Really Wanted To Destroy The US, Then… Victor Davis Hanson
 • States Sue Sec. Mayorkas For Refusing to Enforce Immigration Law Carter
 • A GOP With Backbone Would Support Elon, Punish Apple, And Fight For Free Speech Federalist
 • Kanye to Alex Jones: ‘I Like Hitler’ Rolling Stone
 • Thank Sam Bankman-Fried For Democrats’ 2022 Ground Game Victoria Marshall
 • KJP said what when asked about Biden visiting border with Kevin McCarthy? Karen Townsend
 • Elon: Democrats ‘Coordinated’ Attacks On Him; Are They Political Puppets? Rusty Weiss
 • OUTRAGE: Underage students perform in drag for staff at invite-only school event Libs of TikTok
 • Hemingway: Republicans Are Sick To Death Of Establishment’s Impotence, Fecklessness, Weakness Federalist


 • The Elites’ War On Food I&I
 • Stocks Face Liquidation Threat From Squeezed Middle ZH
 • Job Growth Shatters Expectations In November As Labor Market Stays Tight DC

Scandal Central

 • The Feds’ Mar-a-Lago Fourth Amendment Scandal Gets Even Worse CTH
 • Another Appeals Court Rejects Biden Administration Student Loan Cancellation Program – SCOTUS To Hear CTH
 • San Fran is a hellhole for a reason David Strom


 • Google Gives Millions To Boost Leftist Disinformation Peddlers Of Legacy Media Evita Duffy
 • MUSK: 'Cancel Culture Needs to Be Canceled' Hannity
 • Small-Town Voters Worry About Direction Country Is Headed OAN
 • Obama Talks About ‘Crazy’ ‘Uncle Joe’ Not Having Any ‘Serious Responsibilities’ During Warnock Rally Tim Meads
 • Kanye West suspended from Twitter after incendiary Hitler comments EuroNews
 • Big Club: Republican Lt Governor Appears on CNN to Tell Georgia Republicans Not to Vote for Hershel Walker CTH


 • Apple helps crush human rights protests in China Hans Bader
 • The budding love affair between Biden and Maduro Alberto de la Cruz
 • Belgium's World Cup Football Riots: A Symbol of the Failure of the Migration Policy Alain Destexhe

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Neuralink CEO Elon Musk expects human trials within six months Andrew Tarantola
 • Officials fear ‘complete doomsday scenario’ for drought-stricken Colorado River MSN
 • My secret life as an 11-year-old BBS sysop Benj Edwards


 • Give The Gift Of True American History With These Wonderful Biographies For Children Joy Pullmann
 • 11 missing children found by U.S. Marshals in CO AMN
 • Thing o' beauty: Harvard professor reams corporate wokesters on CNBC Beege

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