Saturday, December 10, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Twitter Files Bombshell Show Twitter Execs Lied to Congress About Shadow Banning Conservatives

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 • Twitter Execs Lied to Congress About Shadow Banning Conservatives TPI
 • Federal Court Blocks Biden Order Forcing Catholics to Perform Sex Changes Sarah Weaver
 • The Twitter files: leftist censorship revealed Berenson
 • Maricopa or Die Jack Gleason
 • Biden Calls For 'Assault Rifle Ban’ While Freeing Arms Dealer Peddling 30,000 AK-47s FPM
 • Is Mitch McConnell's iron grip on the Senate starting to weaken? Renee Parsons
 • The Twitter Files are damning to the government Charles Lipson
 • The Removal of Donald Trump from Twitter Matt Taibbi
 • Third Twitter document dump details decision to ban Donald Trump JTN


 • Congress Quietly Slips Ukraine Debt Relief into 4,400 Page Defense Bill CTH
 • Climate Change Lockdowns? Yup, They Are Actually Going There… Michael Snyder
 • Democratic Senators Look To Spend $1.75 Billion Subsidizing Abortion Travel Sarah Weaver

Scandal Central

 • DHS Partnered Social Media Surveillance Systems Delivering Mutual Benefits CTH
 • Twitter Files Release #3: Pre-Election Monitoring, Filtering and Control of Public Discussion Including Trump CTH
 • Have I Mentioned Lately Just How Corrupt Maxine Waters Is? Derek Hunter


 • Here Are The News Outlets That Spread Twitter Execs’ Lies About Not Shadow-Banning Conservatives Ben Zeisloft
 • "Some of the Worst" News Media Power Line
 • Hero of the Left, Rebekah Jones, pleads guilty to computer crimes David Strom


 • With a wary eye on China, Japan making international defensive moves Beege
 • Iran's Mullahs: When Will the EU Wake Up? Majid Rafizadeh
 • Stick a fork in Canada Eric Utter

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Record breaking DNA shows Mastodons roaming a hot North Greenland 2 million years ago JoNova
 • Lab Leak: What If That Theory Isn’t True Either? Kim Hirsch
 • Governments Scramble To Manage, Regulate, and Throttle Crypto Reason


 • Washington state landlord convicted in TikTok suitcase murders Snejana Farberov
 • It Must Be Funderwhoopee Friday Again ~ One Woodsterman
 • The Week in Pictures: Twits Everywhere Edition Power Line

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