Thursday, December 08, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Twitter, the FBI, and the First Amendment

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 • Twitter, the FBI, and the First Amendment Byron York
 • Why Won’t the Left Fight Fentanyl? Sara Carter
 • Migrants Let Into U.S. With GPS Trackers Underreported 600%. DrillDown
 • Border Patrol agent killed in line of duty Anna Giaritelli
 • Kari Lake Promises to Take Lawsuit 'All the Way to the Supreme Court' Matt Margolis
 • In Moore v. Harper, SCOTUS Could Decide Who Gets The Final Say In A 2024 Election Dispute Federalist
 • Biden’s 401(k) Heist Betsy McCaughey
 • Authorities confirm five attacks at electricity substations in Washington and Oregon last month Daily Mail
 • Why are they always known wolves? David Strom


 • A hard winter looms for Americans’ energy bills and wallets. Blame Biden Examiner
 • Nearly 70% of Shoppers Struggle to Afford Groceries Samantha Aschieris
 • Does ESG Violate America’s Antitrust Laws? Heartland Institute

Scandal Central

 • Elvis Chan: Cyber Conduit Between FBI and Big Tech Julie Kelly
 • NY AG Letitia James accused of protecting aide from harassment allegations John Sexton
 • The Deep Twitter State? Former FBI General Counsel Fired at Twitter Turley
 • Does Trump Really Want to Be President Again? Victor Davis Hanson
 • Chicago: Crime, and Punishment? Stuart Loren (2021)
 • China Benefits If Congress Rearranges Deck Chairs of Legal Immigration as Southern Border Burns Joseph Edlow


 • Time Magazine Bestows “Person of Year” Award to the World’s Largest Beneficiary of Taxpayer Funding CTH
 • MSM: Democrats Can't Be Election Deniers Matt Margolis
 • The Lying Media Told Me Not To Watch Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse,’ So I Did Evita Duffy


 • Pentagon Report on China’s Military Highlights Nuclear Buildup That Could Overtake America Patty-Jane Geller
 • Peruvian Embassy Has ‘No Idea’ Who Its President Is Following Attempted Coup Arjun Singh
 • Biden’s DOJ Is Investigating an Accidental Death in Israel. A Watchdog Wants To Know Why. Adam Kredo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The Hijacking of Pediatric Medicine Aaron Sibarium
 • Rachel Levine Enlists Doctors as Evangelists to Preach the Gospel of Transgenderism Tyler O'Neil
 • How AI Is Reshaping the Home Security Industry Zachary Amos


 • New Documents Shed Light on CIA's Connection to Lee Harvey Oswald Newsweek
 • Hilarious Babylon Bee Take as Californians Return to CA, But Discover Who They Truly Are RS
 • I Love Libturd Thursday's ~ Morning Edition Woodsterman

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